Shout Out To Anna Jane Joyner!

Reader this is the daughter of Rick Joyner, the megachurch preacher who said "white supremacy was almost over if it hadn't been for Obama." Thank you Anna Jane Joyner for your courage to speak out on this issue. I am sure that it is both embarrassing and heartbreaking to hear such words from someone you love. Keep standing by your convictions and Christian values. Keep loving and praying for your father. Keep the love you have for all people and keep speaking up. God bless you.


  1. I wonder why she seem to hate her dad. I guarantee there is a back story here. This is what happens when folks trusts in politics. You will continue to get debates that swirl and swirl and swirl. White racist movement because of Trump. White racist movement because of Obama. The LORD know both of these ideals are LIES.

    1. True anonymous.

      Much as we expected "change we can believe in", we still seem to be in the same place if not worse.

  2. Hi Ms. Ann, I'm trying to view comments, it's very sporatic, but I'm getting just "hour-glass" swirls. You can delete this if you're able to correct the error. Thanks!

  3. Ok I'm have to make some kind of change.

  4. Great blog but always hard as heck and now even harder to leave a comment. Why not leave well enough alone for your readers??

  5. Rick is another false teacher and promotes other false teachers including Jim Bakker and others. His daughter obviously knows her dads misdeeds and devilment.

  6. Is it true? I have heard that Rick is not sincere with the readers. If you need a help with writing, use the to read more. Thank you.


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