Shame on YOU Franklin Graham, You are an idiot!

Reader Franklin Graham says some of the blame for what happened in Charlottesville yesterday should fall on the city council who voted to remove the statue of Robert E. Lee. Franklin Graham is an idiot and is part of the problem.

According to Wikipedia the Robert E. Lee statue in Charlottesville was erected in 1924. Do. The. Math. It was not something contemporaneous to the Civil War.
The argument that statues like this should remain "because HISTORY" is invalid. It was erected to intimidate and to honor a TREASONOUS movement in our history. It is now a rallying point for Nazis and bigots. It, and all others like it, needs to go. They have no place on public lands, and they have no place being maintained by public tax dollars.


  1. Natasshia Roxanne HallMonday, 14 August, 2017

    Franklin Graham is a hypocrite of the first order,I can't bear to see or hear him. Enjoying being close to the powerful ,making them feel blessed instead of holding their feet to the fire.He is a disgrace to the teaching of Jesus.

  2. It is time for Christian ministers to speak out against the evil of racism and acknowledge the responsibility of white Americans. Our associate pastor gave a powerful message on this today. Church was packed after the events of the weekend. She told us what we needed to hear, and told us to ACT. Not just talk. This reversal of Nazism should start in the churches.

  3. Miss Ann,

    Graham is being honest. That's how he was trained up by daddy (Proverbs 22:6) and therefore he cannot depart. So we shouldn't be surprised or even call him names.

    Bottom line is that the Graham ministry was never about the gospel of salvation, but rather the income related to the evangelical activities.

    He, Graham that is, is not a believer in the LORD Jesus nor in living according to the precepts of the Most High God.

    His personal values reflect this clearly. It is only those who mistake him for a prophet/preacher that think he speaks in the name of God.

  4. Replies
    1. Mercy,

      There's such a thing as discernment.

      For example, in Miss Ann's post, we clearly see Graham supporting those who worship idols and "blaming" city officials for the ensuing chaos.

      Pray, do tell, why a man of God would stand by and approve such evil? (Exodus 20:4, Deuteronomy 4:16).

      Don't you think he would stand like Elijah in such a time as this (1 Kings 18)?

      Graham knows there's a price in following God's commandments. Influential folk would hate you and ministry income will cease to be regular (1 Kings 19:1-4).

      Go figure.

  5. Obama didn't speak out against the racist injustice that's been increasingly plaguing the African-American communities. For eight years under Obama's watch we had many unarmed blacks murdered by law enforcement officers and he didn't condemn them for their racist terrorism.

    We must stop depending on political puppets to advocate for African-Americans.

    On a biblical note, America isn't going to get better until man comes face to face with his sins and repents.

    1. I can't believe YOU got away with talking about Obama, especially on a post about 45. Ms. Ann, what are you thinking. Can I now talk about Obama? Or do you have to be in the mood? I love this cite. It's beginning to become interesting every season. Some people respond in the spring, take leave in the winter, lay low in the fall, and just vacation in the SUMMER. THEOLDBLACKCHURCH. Nothing like it!

    2. Lol... I did take a break as we all should... As Christians we must stop getting hooked on the racism bait. No president has never or will ever have the African-Americans best interest at heart. We must also stop looking for the political messiah...

    3. YUP. The presidential position is a puppet position. Just another guy up there for us to either to hate or love. The real people who are in power, we don't pay attention to them. The president doesn't have more power on your life than you think.

    4. The president is simply a figurehead. No real power at all, only doing what he is being told. I wish people would wake up out of their sleepy haze and realize what is really going on in this world. It's much darker than you think.

    5. Rev Kareem, I completely agree with everything you said. I can't believe how blind so many Christians are to what is really going on in this world. I'm starting to believe that most of them want to be blind. It's painful listening to black people who praise and idolize Obama because he did NOTHING to advance them. How can a Christian say they love God, but support someone who stood and fought against God's word?

  6. (different Anonymous) Right on Rev. Kareem. It just blows my mind how some people come up with this stuff. Discernment...WHERE? Some of you all are the most hateful people toward the Caucasian race and you can't even recognize it. "Thank you Jesus that you have cleaned my heart, mind and soul against ALL hatred, and ESPECIALLY, Racism! This is crazy stuff in Virginia (and now a person is dead). So stupid how the devil has caused such Chaos over a DUMB statue. I could Care less about this object that has been there for years! And, people will still get on the bandwagon demanding that it be removed. Nobody was saying anything about this mess until Obama's Foolishness and many Anti-Christ people....Just sayin'. Only Jesus!

  7. Franklin Graham has always been an idiot so I am not surprised that he said this. If any black person is in Paula White church they should be ashamed of themselves. I have been watching her Twitter account and I haven't seen her say a word about what happened on Saturday.

  8. @ Anonymous.
    Yep, I tried to hide, but you caught me....LOL! As I commented..ONLY JESUS! The devil is having a "Hay Day", as the saying goes, and people are too hard hearted to let the Holy Spirit RULE in their heart and become CONVERTED in their mind. So Sad! People can say whatever they want to about this racism mess which brings NO Glory to God! Again, I CAN CARE LESS ABOUT A STATUE, FLAG, or anything else that's not going to amount to anything! I'm about to be 58 years old so I don't have time for Ignorance and antichrist people (only to preach the Gospel).. Thank the Lord! I pray that other's will take a stand for "RIGHTEOUSNESS" instead of ALL of this UNGODLY Foolishness. Btw, look at what happened in Chicago yesterday, AGAIN, at a basketball game??...DUMD! Blame this stuff on whoever you want to but I KNOW who is behind it all...Satan and his Anti-Christ people. In Christ Alone, RLR.

  9. I agree that politicians should have been going to white churches to denounce white supremacy, starting with Graham. What he said about President Obama not being a Christian was deplorable and reprehensible, especially when Donald Trump displays so much hatred and bigotry. It is time for Jentzen Franklin, Charles Stanley, Joyce Meyer, Marilyn Hickey, Joel Olsteen and others to denounce white supremacy in their church and before their mass audiences. It is evil and ungodly.

    1. A president who openly supports homosexuality, transgenders, and gives millions to abortion especially in the Black community is NOT a Christian!! Obama doesn't get a pass in the eyes of God for being Black!

  10. Franklin Graham's father, Billy Graham, was not supportive of the Civil Rights Movement so I'm not surprised by Franklin's comments and BELIEFS! No matter how much they profess to love God and their fellow man, at the end of the day, white people will ALWAYS support and defend WHITE people. Christian or not!


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