Gigantic Gospel Celebration In Houston Texas Will Go On As Plan!!

Reader do anyone beside me think that this concert promoters will not have anything left for charity after paying Shirley Caesar, Tamela Mann, Tasha Page Lockhart, Lisa Knowles, Anita Wilson and Kathy Taylor?  This concert which was already built up to be ‘gigantic,’ has now because of hurricane Harvey forced organizers to rethink things. This event that takes place September 10th at World Harvest Outreach Church will feature headliners like Tamela Mann, Pastor Shirley Caesar, Kim Burrell and Tasha Page Lockhart. The who’s who list will also include rising stars Anita Wilson, Kathy Taylor, and Lisa Knowles. The all women cast is looking forward to worshipping with all those affected and displaced by Houston flooding. J. Spivey Productions has told PATH that two random people in attendance will get their electricity bills paid, and a significant amount of the proceeds will be donated to two different charitable organizations. 


  1. The flyer says Pastor Burrell and Pastor Shirley Caesar is one of the singers. does NOT say BISHOP Shirley Caesar.

    I wonder if that man here (who DISrespectfully refers to her as Ole girl Shirley) will have a problem with this.

    1. Yup. I have a problem. You gotta use Bible to convince me. All this saying I'm DISRESPECTFUL only shows your judgment through your own flesh, YOU ARE INSANE!.

      OLE Girl Shirley sings the blues, and even the "flyer" down not reference her as bishop, SHE CALLS HERSELF a bishop, and last of all she as a "pastor", should never teach or preach to a congregation full of men.

      1 Timothy 2:12 "But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence."

      That's Bible. I'll take the Bible over you any day. You say I disrespect Ole Girl Shirley. I say you respect Shirley, but DISRESPECT GOD!

      NOW WHAT?

    2. Anonymous Kim is the host pastor.

  2. Miss Ann,

    It is probable that if these ladies cancelled they would be sued.

    Instead of two random people getting their electricity bill paid for in houses they might not return to soon, how about ALL proceeds going to the most vulnerable in this situation I.e. pregnant women, babies, the elderly, the handicapped, etc?


    1. You right Shepherd. These greedy dogs are as cheap as it gets. What a Joke they call ministry. They will never get it right. Two random people to pay their electric bills. LOLOLOL...

  3. Shirley and Tamela ain't no cheap thrill, I don't see how anything will be left for charity.


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