A Pastor Has Found Himself Trending Online, After He Left A Raunchy Comment On Nicki Minaj’s Latest Photo!!

Reader think carefully about anything you say on social media to be permanent. Yes, you can delete or scrub regretful things you have said on social media but, more times than not, the information can still be retrieved. And countless people take screen shots the moment they see something unwisely posted.

Anyhow a pastor has discovered himself trending online after he left a moderately raunchy touch upon Nicki Minaj’s newest picture on Instagram. The “Man of God” who tagged himself as a God fearing man, and a retired US soldier, declared his intention and curiosity for Nicki’s large bottom. 



  1. Miss Ann,


    Out of the fullness of the heart, the pastor doth speak!

    It's probable there's so much about this pastor that has been revealed through this "crack". Who knows what else is going on in his day to day life. Must be a lot if he can hola at a heathen in a public domain.

  2. Smh.. well well.. I guess we see what was on his mind. When I was introduced to the Internet in 1993 in my IT class, I never would've imagined...

  3. Our sins will find us out.


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