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A Facebook Live Concert To Benefit The Wonderful People Of Houston.

Reader lets govern our self accordingly.

Details Here:


Reader kudos to COGIC Bishop Talbert Swan for his comment after a broad coalition of Christian leaders released a statement articulating God’s design for human identity as male and female.

(You can read the article here)

"How come James Dobson, Ronnie Floyd, Jack Graham, Richard Land, and James Robison, cannot see their way to condemn the evils of RACISM, yet write an entire manifesto on SEXUALITY? Until evangelicals come up with a "Manifesto Against White Supremacy, Bigotry, and the Debilitating Affects of Systemic Racism" I am unimpressed by their Manifesto on Human Sexuality. As a matter of fact, it's downright HYPOCRITICAL! These same religious leaders who remain deafeningly silent regarding the extra judicial murders of black people by law-enforcement and the mainstreaming of racially motivated violence against people of color are consist…

Gigantic Gospel Celebration In Houston Texas Will Go On As Plan!!

Reader do anyone beside me think that this concert promoters will not have anything left for charity after paying Shirley Caesar, Tamela Mann, Tasha Page Lockhart, Lisa Knowles, Anita Wilson and Kathy Taylor?  This concert which was already built up to be ‘gigantic,’ has now because of hurricane Harvey forced organizers to rethink things. This event that takes place September 10th at World Harvest Outreach Church will feature headliners like Tamela Mann, Pastor Shirley Caesar, Kim Burrell and Tasha Page Lockhart. The who’s who list will also include rising stars Anita Wilson, Kathy Taylor, and Lisa Knowles. The all women cast is looking forward to worshipping with all those affected and displaced by Houston flooding. J. Spivey Productions has told PATHthat two random people in attendance will get their electricity bills paid, and a significant amount of the proceeds will be donated to two different charitable organizations.

Word of Faith Teacher Gloria Copland Claim The Ability To Control The Weather.

Reader have y'all seen this? I stumble upon this foolishness earlier while surfing the net, cannot believe what I just witness.  My apologies to anyone who follows Ken and Gloria Copeland for I am sure what I write will offend you. These two, along with a couple of others who will remain nameless are just crazy. These folks want us to believe that we can command a tornado to dissipate, and in Jesus' name nonetheless. 

Church Announcement, Pastor Jamal Bryant Is Asking For Prayers For R&B Singer Tweet!

Reader lets govern our self accordingly.

The Black Preacher Love Fest For Pastor Joel Osteen!!

Reader folks on social media has come for Bishop Dale Bronner and questioning other black preachers for what seemly to be blind love and support for some one who doesn't give a rat butt about the black community. Pastor Joel Osteen has now admitted to the truth that they were blessed to not have had any flooding at his church. He now has changed his story and has now opened the doors of his church to the community for refuge. I like many others in the Christian community are glad it all worked out. But here's something that trouble the heck out of me.  I'm disturbed at the amount of black preachers that came to Pastor Joel defense with such vengeance, when Pastor Osteen has never once remotely stood up for any cause that affect black folks. Pastor Joel Olsteen is to be on Fox news and friends today about his churches first refusal to let the hurricane victims in the mega church. Osteen now goes to the worst racially bias network to be booked to appear on Fox news. 


Pastor John Gray New Nonprofit Venture: Become The Bridge Over.

Reader kudos to Pastor John Gray and his lovely wife Monique who have started a nonprofit in order to help the citizens of Houston Texas and surrounding areas. Churches normally create a non-profit outside of their standard "church ministry" that is designed to serve those in need. Got to keep the two entities separate. Businesses do this all the time.

Anyhow, the Grays posted the following to social media:

We Love Houston... We as a family are personally working to ensure we can reach people ourselves. Our nonprofit will be providing necessities such as water, food, medicine and clothing to those in need as well as housing. We thank God for our friends who have reached out to us asking how they can help. We will have a more in depth plan in place as soon as airports allow us back. For now, please send your info, family name, number of adults and kids to so that we can assign families to housing as it comes. Aventer Monique Cotton Gray.

Pastor Gary als…

Two Of The Greatest Preachers Of The Word Of Faith Movement???

Reader do y'all agree with the following social media comment:

Two of the greatest preachers in the Word Of Faith movement. Pastor K.C. Price and Pastor Creflo Dollar. Great picture of these two but at the heart of the Word of Faith movement is the belief in the "force of faith." It is believed words can be used to manipulate the faith-force, and thus actually create what they believe Scripture promises (health and wealth). Laws supposedly governing the faith-force are said to operate independently of God's sovereign will and that God Himself is subject to these laws. This is nothing short of idolatry, turning our faith—and by extension ourselves—into gods😀

Church Announcement: Church Clothes!

Reader Dr. Matthew Stevenson and his beautiful wife Kamilah are doing a free online training specifically for Pastors, Leaders, Visionaries and those building things in the KINGDOM. For two days they will be hashing out what the Scriptures have to say about appearance, acceptance, deliverance and holiness. If you allow it, this discussion will give you a broader context for receiving people and what to do with them when they come.  Let's make it a thing and spread the word.  This is a much needed kingdom conversation  considering the rapid diversification of both church and secular culture.  


Update From Joel Osteen Ministries!

Reader please tell me it isn't true that Lakewood Church is not flooded and was closed to people who needed shelter from the storm? It will break my heart to think Joel would let this happen.

Update: Houston Megachurch Pastor Prepares To Open Church To Flood Victims After Being Shamed Online.

Houston We Got A Problem, Pastor Joel Osteen Why Isn't Lakewood Church Open For Sheltering People??

Reader preacher/pastor/teacher Joel Osteen is getting hammered today for not opening his doors to people seeking refuge from Hurricane Harvey. Folks on social media are asking why isn't Lakewood Church open for sheltering people?

"Joel Osteen Ministries has one of the biggest churches in Houston and he has not once stepped up and said anything about sheltering the community that "serves" him, but we have true Houstonians like Jim Mcingvale at Gallery Furniture who opened his business to those in need and even offered people to bring pets! And gave out his real cell phone number on live television to the city he loves and appreciates, imagine that."

Should A Pastor Get A $50,000 Reward For Surrendering An Accused Cop Killer?

Reader you’re a pastor. You convince a cop-killer to surrender and you escort him to the police. There’s a $50,000 reward. Should you collect it? A longtime South Memphis preacher is suing the city of Memphis trying to collect a $50,000 reward for arranging the surrender two years ago of accused cop-killer Tremaine Wilbourn.

Yes! It doesn't matter his profession. He turned him in and met the criteria. Give the man the money.

Tasha Cobbs Album Release Concert Was This Weekend!

Reader this weekend Tasha Cobbs Leonard hosted an album release for her third album, HEART. PASSION. PURSUIT (Motown Gospel). The event was hosted at Leonard's home church, The dReam Center Church of Atlanta. In attendance was Bishop William Murphy, Kierra Sheard, Jimi Cravity, Breona Lawrence, Anna Golden, Bishop Paul S. Morton, Catherine Brewton, Phaedra Parks, Bishop Travis Jennings, Pastor John Gray, Aventer Gray, Y’Anna Crawley, Todd Galberth, Pastor Kim White, Bryan Pierce.

You can read about it here:

Praying For Texas!

Reader my prayers go out to the people in Texas today. Hurricane Harvey hit them hard and the rain is still coming. They've already received two feet of rain and by the time it's over, will have received an unprecedented 50 inches. That's crazy. It's a trip to see boats on what appears to be lakes, but were freeways just two days ago. And it breaks your heart to see people walking down the streets with babies on their shoulders, in chest high water.

Here's a link to The Red Cross if you can help.

Here We Go, Beginning Aug. 31, Canadians Will Be Able To Identify As Neither Male Nor Female On Passports.

Reader Canadians will soon have a third option to identify their gender on passports under new rules that will come into effect by the end of the month. Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen said he was making the change so all Canadians can feel safe to be themselves and express their gender as they choose. "By introducing an 'X' gender designation in our government-issued documents, we are taking an important step towards advancing equality for all Canadians regardless of gender identity or expression," Hussen said in a statement.

Beginning Aug. 31, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will introduce an interim measure to allow people to identify themselves as having a gender that is unspecified. The federal government did not say what the interim measures would include, but did explain that they will only be in place until the government can print documents with an X instead of an M for male or F for female.

Rest Here:

Church Announcement:

Reader I'm guessing that since Fred Price Jr. resigned a couple of months ago from Crenshaw Christian Center that they are now bringing in guest preachers to help filled the void.  Dr. Creflo Dollar of World Changers Church International will bringing the 10:00AM word tomorrow, for Dr. Fred and Betty Price at The Faith Dome. Now yawl "govern yourself accordingly." 

Shout Out To Anna Jane Joyner!

Reader this is the daughter of Rick Joyner, the megachurch preacher who said "white supremacy was almost over if it hadn't been for Obama." Thank you Anna Jane Joyner for your courage to speak out on this issue. I am sure that it is both embarrassing and heartbreaking to hear such words from someone you love. Keep standing by your convictions and Christian values. Keep loving and praying for your father. Keep the love you have for all people and keep speaking up. God bless you.

Special Church Announcement, Calling All Prayer Warriors!

Reader for over 35 years, Bishop Larry D. Trotter has equipped the saints, exalted the Savior and evangelized the sinner through countless hours of molding men and women into disciples; encouraged us through dynamic sermons; global outreach & special mission projects; and music. Now is the time to show him how much we appreciate his labor down through the years.

For anyone in the Chicago IL area you are cordially invited to a one hour prayer service for Bishop Larry D. Trotter. They are asking that you come out Tuesday at 7pm for just one hour of your time to show Bishop Trotter love and support to he and his family.

"Preacher" The Show Must Go!!

Reader here we go again, the show “Preacher” is another attempt to distort the truth about Christianity. The sacrilegious program mocks Christianity and ridicules people of faith. just reading about this episode made me physically sick. To all who watch and support this show and to the people responsible for this blasphemy, just remember Galatians 6:7 "Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." 

The AMC series “Preacher” is advertised as gory good fun and airs during primetime. The “preacher” in the show is far from it, and the program blasphemes Jesus in the latest episode with the Son of God depicted as a lying sex pervert. The show opens with extremely graphic Jesus sex scene and closes with an inbred Messiah. AMC continues to air the anti-Christian program “Preacher” on Monday evenings at 9:00 p.m. ET/ 8:00 p.m. CT. For starters, you can be assured with a TV-MA rating, it is not appropriate for television. 

 Please sign the p…

John MacArthur On Charlottesville????

Reader during a Q&A this past Sunday evening (8/20), John MacArthur was asked about the recent protests and violence in Charlottesville, Virginia. His answer in my opinion suck. I love the teaching of  John MacArthur but this was not a good answer at all. I find it sad when evangelicals shy away from pointing out specific evils and injustices by just generally referring to them as sin. Yes, we know it is generally sin but it is not helpful to the sinner when the particular sin is not named by name. In my opinion, one of the main reason racism is still alive in America is because churches refuse to call it sin from the pulpit. 
 Imagine if we simply said about corruption by political figures "it is sin and we are in any case all sinners"; I mean how would we be able to deal with the corruption in practical terms if we did first call it what it is? Most Christian would acknowledge the inherent sinfulness of mankind. That is behind every sin ever committed. He gave the spiri…

Minister Louis Farrakhan Has Come Out The Closet As A Christian, I Know That My Redeemer Liveth My Jesus is Alive.

Reader for years I believe that Minister Farrakhan was a closet Christian.  The Bible says that one day every tongue must confess that JESUS is Lord. Listen to Minister Louis Farrakhan say he knows his redeemer lives, and that Jesus, the one who conquered death for him. The minister comment has caused some confusing among his followers and has caused quite a stir on his Facebook page. 

In my opinion, the minister knows his time is near and close he's setting the record straight. He's confessing with his mouth and believing in his heart that God has raised Jesus, the Christ, from the dead, Who redeemed us, thou shall be saved. He has received the gift of salvation. He will see Jesus. He is also repenting for his wrong teaching cause he knows he has to be held accountable, for we all will sit in the judgment seat of Christ. He said he will take a loss to win in the end.

D. James Kennedy Ministries Sues SPLC Over Hate Map!

Reader if your ministry in the world is hate toward anything and anyone other than sin, then you deserve the infamy of being on the SPLC list. We're supposed to show the love of Christ to people, and though that love may be hard on sin, that DOES NOT give us license to treat people as the enemy.

D James Kennedy Ministries (formerly known as Truth in Action) took a full page ad out in The Sun Sentinel defending their right to exist and not be labelled as a "hate organization (anti LGBT) " and listed as such on SPLC website. The Christian ministry based in Fort Lauderdale recently saw its name listed on a CNN map of “all the active hate groups where you live,” as well as in local news reports as the No. 1 hate group in Florida. 

In my opinion one only has to be old enough to remember the anti LGBT rhetoric which came right from the mouth of Kennedy back in the day during some of his nationally broadcasted TV Sunday services to understand that they earned their spot on this l…

Church Announcement: National Baptist Convention, USA!

Reader The National Baptist Convention USA Inc is the United States of America Largest and most influential African American Organization. The annual session of the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. is the major business meeting of the boards, auxiliaries and member churches of the Convention, and it is held annually in September starting on Labor Day in various cities across the country. This meeting typically draws 20,000 or more delegates. Registering for this session results in the initiation or continuation of your membership with the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc.  Although attendance at the Annual Session is not mandatory, your annual registration fee is required to continue your membership with the NBC, USA, Inc.  Registration is offered year-round, however, you must be registered by December 31 of each year to maintain your membership status.

Is There A Downside To Church Integration For Black Christians??

Reader I have always considered myself to be unapologetically black and unapologetically Christian. This young man wrote an article the other day that's getting a lot of push back.  I am all for what he wrote and can really see how it would be beneficial.  I definitely know the impact of being in groups of "all women", or "all moms" or "all anything" it does my heart good! I like how the young man pointed out that we don't "live" in these places, especially as bridge-builders and as people called to be in fellowship with those who are different from ourselves, but that these spaces are nonetheless critically important for spiritual/emotional health. Thanks, Jemar Tisby for capturing the intersectionality of our faith in Christ, and our historical and contextual realities as black people in America.

"It is sinful to segregate out of hate for other people or with a desire for permanent separation. But black community empowers us to liv…

Tasha Cobbs Leonard Black Girl Rock Perforamce, Was One For The History Books!!

Reader last night Tasha Cobb ministered to a dying world and social media had something to say:

"We can talk about Tasha all we want, but one thing about it she is getting a chance and a platform that most Gospel Artist wish that they could have. And when she gets to those platforms, God's manifested power comes in the room."

Kudos Tasha! 

Is YouTube Now Shutting Down The Right Wing Conservatives Platform Of Hate???

Reader, it is looking like Google may be clamping down on some conservative messaging, they Yain't playing with these right-wing conservatives and their hate. Less than a month after announcing their new measures to demonetize and limit 'controversial religious content', YouTube has demonetized OVER 900 of Dr. Michael Brown's videos, essentially eliminating this income stream for his non-profit organization. Like I said before, hit em where it hurts the most, the pocket.

This from Dr. Michael Brown

 "For months now, we had noticed that almost any video we had with “Islam” in the title would get demonetized. But when we would request a review from YouTube, some of the videos would get reinstated. Still, we had seen a drop of more than 65 percent in our AskDrBrown YouTube income, despite producing more, not less videos. 

What was causing this to happen? We are a non-profit ministry, and every dime that comes in goes back into ministry work. Why the precipitous decline?…

Can A Christian Couple Used "irreconcilable differences" As An Excuse For Divorce????

Reader sadly divorce has become a trend among the Christian community. One of my anonymous readers dropped the below information under a post that I had written about this young man last year.  It looks like Mr. Rogers is now contemplating walking out on his wife because she does not share his beliefs.  There are only a few reasons God allows divorce and from this young man's post, it's unclear if this situation meets these requirements. If a nonbelieving spouse wants a divorce that's another thing. What yall think?

Southern Baptist Convention Kick Out A Progressive Church In Mississippi For Identified As A Safe Place For LGBTQ Youths!!

Reader I'm curious about what y'all think of this story.
Northminster Baptist Church, a staple of the greater Jackson spiritual community, was kicked out of the Mississippi Baptist Convention amid "a difference of philosophy."

Conversations leading up to the decision reportedly began when Northminster was listed as a “spiritual/church” resource in a guide for LGBTQ youth in Mississippi produced by a non-profit organization that helps transfer youth out of foster care and funded by a grant from U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

State convention leaders said the church could remain in good standing if they asked to have the listing removed, but after discussion Northminster leadership decided they had no problem being publicly identified as a safe place for individuals and families who would be using the guide.

The church, which the Department of Mental Health lists as "LGBTQ welcoming and affirming," has long leaned left of the traditional values of …

Trump Spiritual Advisory Paula White: When You Oppose President Trump, You Are “Fighting Against The Hand Of God”!

Reader right-wing pastor Jim Bakker interviewed anorexia televangelist Paula White, who is one of President Trump’s key spiritual advisers, on his television program today, where she declared that opposition to 45 is opposition to God and explicitly praised Donald Trump for not sounding or acting presidential. Later on in the show, Paula White declared that Christians “were sent here to take over,” the host Jim Bakker excitedly agreed, asserting “that’s why we have the president we have!”

Some Liberty University Graduates Return Diplomas Because Of Support For 45 By Jerry Falwell Jr.

Reader these graduates knew of and well understood Jerry Falwell's ideologies regarding all aspects of "his" race relations when they attended "his" university. Does returning their diplomas signify a turning away from these ideologies?  Let's hope that that their regret allies them to leap forward into an America and world that denounces hatred and white supremacy. Just saying.

A group of alumni from one of the country's most influential evangelical Christian universities is condemning their school's president for his continued alignment with President Trump.
A small but growing number of Liberty University graduates are preparing to return diplomas to their school. The graduates are protesting university President Jerry Falwell Jr.'s ongoing support for Trump. They began organizing after Trump's divisive remarks about the deadly white supremacist protests in Charlottesville, VA.…

Was Dick Gregory A Critic Of The Christian Church?!?!?!

Reader condolences to the family and friends of  Dick Gregory, comedian and civil rights activist who broke barriers in the 60's and became one of the first African-Americans to perform comedy at white clubs. 

Gregory would often weave in racial injustice and segregation into his acts while causing those around him to look closer into the issues at hand. He was also a health and spiritual advocate, a motivational speaker and an author. He was a true warrior for justice and a resounding voice of our time. His legacy will never be forgotten. Rest In Power! (The Portterhouse Church Dallas)

I find Apostle Brian Keith William Facebook comment interesting:

Dick Gregory has gone to meet his Maker, at 84. Appreciated his Wit and Wisdom. A Conspiracist personified. He said there were two Trump's. The red tie and the blue tie ones. Ha. Often, a critic of the Church. I hope he was right with God when he breathed his last breath. "It's appointed unto man, once to die, after that the…

What's The Value Of An Honorary Degree?!?!?

Reader what is the purpose of an honorary degree? Is it the same as having the actual degree? Do you have to pay for it? Those are some of the many questions that were asked under Erica Campbell Facebook post.

While they're a nice recognition and probably look good hanging on the wall, honorary degrees are not 'real' degrees; in other words, being awarded an honorary degree is not the same as earning an actual doctorate. In fact, an honorary degree is a degree honoris causa, Latin for 'for the sake of the honor'. They are not used to further one's career, fatten one's bank account or dress up one's resume. If anything, honorary degrees draw more attention to the college or university bestowing the honor, since it ties them to the (usually famous or well-known) recipient. In this case "Next Dimension University."

Black Pastors Release Video, Announce NFL boycott In Support Of Colin Kaepernick!

Reader hubby and I 1000% support Colin Kaepernick and what he's doing and I wish I could say that he and I wasn't gonna watch football this year but it will be a lie. I believe this is the problem with these type of movements. They are shortsighted. Do anyone really think that all of us simply black folks just going to not watch football this year with no viable substitute? It's not gonna happen. I don't believe in getting behind straw man movements.

On Thursday, a group of nearly 10 black pastors and Oakwood University president Leslie Pollard announced an "NFL Blackout", a boycott, or "mancot" as they referred to it, of the league. Until Kaepernick, who kneeled during the national anthem throughout 2016 as a member of the 49ers, is signed, the men are encouraging other leaders to refrain from watching NF…

Mary Mary To End Reality Show After Six Seasons!

Reader, I love these ladies but didn't like to see their personal struggles on TV. In a way, I think the show hurt their brand. Some things should just be private in my opinion.

 Erica and Tina Campbell’s “Mary Mary” reality series will come to an end after its upcoming sixth season, which premieres on WE tv Sept. 28 at 9 p.m.The show, which chronicles the pair’s personal and professional lives as members of the contemporary gospel group Mary Mary, will finish its memorable run with six new hour-long episodes.

New York's Biggest Evangelical Church Pulls Its Support From Trump.

Reader how can a REAL CHRISTIAN LEADER stand up for trump without at least giving him some sound wisdom...And if he keeps using Jesus as a pawn for his deception..they need to walk away...Your either going to walk away from trump Or Jesus eventually...if you didn't already choose.
Anyhow many of 45 evangelical advisers have stood by him this week following much criticism over his response to violent clashes in Charlottesville, even as several CEOs left business advisory councils and members of his Committee on the Arts and Humanities have announced they are leaving the panel.
In a first for his evangelical advisory council, New York City megachurch pastor A.R. Bernard announced Friday that he had stepped down from the unofficial board of evangelical advisers to Trump. Bernard sat at the president’s table on May 3, the night before the National Prayer Breakfast when Trump gathered several religious leaders to announce an executive order on religious freedom.

Rest here:

Congratulation Bishop Joseph W. Walker, lll!

Reader Nashville Tennessee, is about to honor one of the most prominent pastors in the state of  Tennessee, Bishop Joseph Walker III, by naming an overpass bridge on Jefferson Street after him. The bridge overpass is in the heart of the area where he has had his greatest impact. His current duties including being International Presiding Bishop in the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship, International. 

Congratulation Bishop Joseph W. Walker III. 

"What does the Bible say about cremation? Is it wrong to cremate a believer's body?"

Reader should the believer be cremated?? Does the word say anything about how we should be laid to rest??? I grew up believing that a believer should not be cremated nor should they participate in organ donations.

The Bible does not give any specific teaching about cremation. There are occurrences in the Old Testament of people being burned to death (1 Kings 16:18; 2 Kings 21:6) and of human bones being burned (2 Kings 23:16-20), but these are not examples of cremation.

Anyhow Pastor John Piper gives two reasons for us to bury rather than burn our loved ones.

Higher Court May Hear Appeal On Woman's Drowning At Church Pastors Family Pool!

Reader a wrongful death lawsuit over the drowning of an 18-year-old woman at her church pastors' family pool may head to a higher court on appeal. When this was first reported there were plenty of red flags that went up. 1) the young woman was a life guard. 2) she had no water in her lungs? 3)15 minutes of missing security video? 

Anyhow Judge John R. Pera determined at a motion hearing Wednesday in Lake County Superior Civil Court that the pastors of Family Christian Center had the right to appeal his decision permitting the mother of Domonique “Nikki” Smith to sue for damages over her daughter's death in May 2015.

The defendants will have 30 days to file a motion with the Indiana Court of Appeals asking it to accept jurisdiction.

Vicki Walker filed the lawsuit against the church and its pastors, Steve and Melodye Munsey, in November after her daughter was found drowned May 29, 2015, in a pool at the pastors' Schererville home. In the lawsuit, Walker is listed as Vicki Olds.

Apostle Brian Keith Williams Clapback To Those Who Blast The Older Pastor And Justify Leaving The Church.

Reader the above post has caused quite a stir among social media so much so that it called for an eloquent response from one of the great generals of the Gospel, Apostle Brian Keith Williams. 

As an older minister, I attest to the truth of their post, and this is my response:

Hello, there young fella! The average Pastor has no Armor Bearers. The ones that do are often, engaged in mentoring them, not, enslaving them, or using them for a show of grandeur. Most Pastors' make less than someone in the secular world whose job requires the same skill set. They are massacred by people who leave them, throwing stink bombs on their church and ministry.

They battle depression daily.
They are even suicidal, at times.
Yet, every Lord's Day, they mount the sacred stage and speak truth's that help the hurting and rescue the perishing. THEY PREACH AND TEACH THROUGH PAIN, counting it all gain, to win somebody TO THEIR LORD! For this, they are excoriated, decimated, sliced and d…