Woman Says Columbus Pastor Got Her Pregnant Twice As Teen, Paid For Abortion Twice!!

Reader good Wednesday morning to everyone, I'm praying everyone that's reading this post has a wonderful day, in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

here we go again, the young lady from Columbus GA that I had mentioned in this space a couple of days ago is back in the news with more damaging information about a COGIC bishop.   A Columbus woman who has filed a civil suit against a local pastor after years of inappropriate sexual abuse said that he twice paid for abortions after getting her pregnant, once when she was 16.
Lequita Jackson, who started attending pastor Lewis Clemons’ church when she was 14 and did not leave it until last month, alleges that Clemons led her into “inappropriate sexual contact.” Jackson, now 30, said Clemons used his position of leadership in the church to make her “do what he wanted and to justify his actions.”

Jackson’s revelations came on the same day that a second Clemons’ church member claimed the pastor had made inappropriate physical contact with her. Tuesday, a second former member of Clemons’ congregation stepped forward with her story of inappropriate contact by the pastor. Lakisha Smith, a member of Clemons’ church from 2011-2016, told of three occasions where the pastor acted inappropriately.


  1. See what sin will do. The works of the flesh is adultery fornication uncleanluness variance emulation wrath strife envy.

    This is really not a story. Trust in LORD with all time heart and lean not to think own understanding. Where you at BROTHER Ira...

  2. Please click the "read more here" button to get more details.

    I think these two young ladies were infatuated with their ugly pastor and they obviously did NOT read the Bible and seek God for revelation of His word.

    In no way do I condone what this lying wonder, so-called Mand of Gawd has done. However, it is one thing to have sex as a teen and then 5 or 6 years later STILL be having sex with him and not know it was wrong?

    As children, most of us were told to report ANYONE who touches us inappropriately. To speak in tongues in service and then submit to a full body anointing--breasts and butt--and let him lay on top of you--? Come on! These women were old enough to know better!! What spirit was giving you those tongues? I don't think it was the spirit of common sense or the Holy Spirit.

    One "victim" said she is speaking up because she heard Clemons had done the same things to another church member. Really?

    That immediately made me think of the Eddie Long case. The young men ONLY went public after they found out Long had other lovers besides them. Each of them thought they were the only one getting the gifts, trips, cars, money, etc. When they found out they were just part of the stable or that Long was no longer interested in them, their feelings were hurt. They loved Eddie Long.

    These young ladies loved or were severely infatuated by their ugly pastor. He probably has a lot of charisma. Most pastors do.

    How can you sit under someone who preaches against adultry, you read in the Bible yourself that it is a sin, and then for many years INTO ADULTHOOD you carry on an adulterous relationship? At the point of adulthood, it is termed "consensual sex".

    This ugly, charasmatic man made these young women feel special, put them on a pedestal. They loved the attention. And they liked what they were getting or giving.

    A person who has experienced anuse will tell you it's a conflicted, complicated situation-- you know it's wrong, but it makes you feel good and you feel powerful when you see how you make the other person respond.

    I think the big question here is what is the age of consent in Georgia?

  3. *anuse = abuse (sorry)


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