Pastor John MacArthur Answers: Is It Sinful to Provide Services for a Gay Wedding?

Reader California megachurch pastor and author John MacArthur has ruffled some feathers when he weighed in on the question of whether or not it's sinful for a Christian baker or florist to provide services for a same-sex wedding. I know a lot of Christians didn't like what he said but I wholeheartedly agree with him, we as Christians cannot-legislate righteousness. Whenever we own a service oriented business, we must adopt a code of conduct and stand by it. Business is business!

Is the person who supplies the rings or caters the food or provides the suits or dresses or the person who supplies the tablecloths. Where does it stop? Love and kindness to all no matter what your belief. God's word...Love never fails. Who cares who partakes of a wedding cake; it's a business. People will get married if they want to and will purchase flowers and a cake. The love we show people speaks volume over the décor or the caterer. Show some love. No one asked if you agreed with same-sex marriage. All they asked for is a cake.


  1. (I might be in the minority)
    I agree as well.

    So if these businesses don't want to provide services to weddings with homosexuals.

    Do they also refuse services to couples who
    have a child out of wedlock,
    Going into their 3rd marriage,
    Or how about a couple of another religion???

    If you start refusing services to people who's lifestyle you don't agree with you won't be in business long.

    And, When Jesus feed the multitude with fish and bread I am positive he didn't go around asking "what kind of lifestyle are you living".

    Plus if consider yourself a Christian, you are called to spread the gospel. And these are GREAT OPPORTUNITIES to show the love of Christ.

  2. For John McArthur to say "No, it's not sinful for a cake maker to make a cake for a gay wedding anymore than its sinful for a guy who runs a restaurant to serve dinner to somebody who is gay, sits in a booth and eats the food, or goes to the market and buys a loaf of bread and you own the market," is UTTERLY A DISGRACE to YOU! For this supposed "great teacher" to use such a straw man argument, to compare as not sinful, a baker for a same sex couple marriage, to restaurant serving a gay individual eating a meal IS ABSOLUTELY INSANE!!! If anyone should discern the difference between a homosexual defying marriage as God intended via a cake with two me on top (one as husband and one as wife), and a gay individual's appetite for food (a necessity) sure should have been McArthur. I really am mind-blown away by some of the stuff these folks are saying these days. We gotta disect the likes of Jakes and Creflo and Bynum to correct, now McArthur too. I mean...this is really 1st Grade stuff. McArthur's analogy does not hold water, and for him to conclude the act of making a wedding cake for to men to marry is really supporting the hands of the wicked.

    I applaud any business who vie not to accommodate those changing what is natural into what is unnatural. The Lord calls homosexuality an abomination, and Satan uses the perverted reprobated Sodomites to turn the truth into lie. For all you folks who want to play the "big sin / little sin / comparison sin" card, I say SHAME ON YOU! Study the word of God, and RIGHTLY DIVIDE the WORD of TRUTH!!!

  3. Miss Ann,

    McArthur shouldn't use trivial incidents to preach the gospel of our LORD Jesus.

    Let him stick to the WORD and what is required of us as individuals. We shall not be judged because we provided services or assistance to sinners. We shall be judged if we obeyed the commandments of the LORD. Obedience is better than sacrifice and heeding to God's commandments better than the fat of rams (1 Samuel 15:22).

    1. I totally agree with John Mcarthur never understood how is it sinful for me to provide a service but I also believe the government should not force me to provide a service or face fines. I never understood why are the homosexual community begging people to take their money instead of just going to another business.

    2. The reason they want to force Christians to perform services is because they are full of pride and are reprobate. Homosexuality is an unnatural disorder. These haters despise Christ and the Bible, and will go out of their way to protest so they can have the right to burn in their flesh, and satisfy the inflamed lust in their minds and body. Scriptures don't call this sin an abomination for nothing. Along with their strong urge to satisfy their flesh, their arrogance drives them to become reasonable, not to even consider having a cake made by all the other non Christian bakers in the country. They opt instead to wanna prove a point. The LORD will use their own wickedness to serve judgment as everyday, they self implode.

    3. So, is he also in favor of pastors marrying gay couples even if the minister/pastor doesn't agree with the couple's lifestyle?

    4. GREAT Comment Anonymous "favor of pastors". I bet he won't marry a gay couple. They will come after his head.


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