Good News, An Oceanside Minister Who Supported 45 Is Now, Getting Deported!

Reader Jorge Ramirez, an Oceanside minister and immigrant who is in the country illegally, didn’t think he would end up in line for deportation when he encouraged his U.S. citizen daughter to vote for 45. In an interview at the Otay Mesa Detention Center, Ramirez — who said he holds conservative religious beliefs and considers himself a Republican — explained that Border Patrol agents picked him up after staking out his house early one May morning.
Ramirez said he does not know why he was targeted for removal from the U.S. The Trump administration has said that it is focusing on immigrants with criminal records and those who previously have been ordered deported. Ramirez said he falls into neither category.

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I have zero sympathy " ... Ramirez, who came to the United States at age 11, said he STILL supports the president and considers himself a Republican". I am shaking my head, we gonna
keep seeing these stories of folks who fell for Don the Con and now it's coming back to bite them in the butt. Just wait until his tax and healthcare plans pass go through and see how the poor and middle class folks who voted for him react to how it hurts them. I honestly can't see how anyone outside the 1% could have ever thought he has their best interest in mind.



    1. More reasons, why people should vote in their own interest. One may live in California, I may live in Arkansas(not so), and we just have different reasons for voting for different people. Silly fellow. You from over the wall(Disclaimer I am from cross the seas).

      You live close to the wall, yet you let your people vote for a wall man. You say you are a Conservative Christian. What is that anyway? Nothing more than a Political hypocrite. The Bible describes one type of true Christian, , Repented, saved, baptized, blood washed. What is the link to a Political man made system? Ok I will show Christian, love. I ma sorry for you Amigo.

  2. Miss Ann,

    More reason as to why Christians should excuse themselves from taking political sides.

  3. Good, stay gone. Cheetos TOLD YOU he was going to ship you back, AND YOU STILL SUPPORTED HIM.
    A lion dont changes it's spots.

  4. He's been in the US since he was 11 years old and NEVER applied for CITIZENSHIP.....HMMMMM! But you want to blame it on the President. Like if I committed a crime in another country, I know, this man did not, BUT, what do you think would happen to me...I've been to other countries. So, this man is technically ILLEGAL.....But again, "WHOEVER" wants to blame the President. Become LEGAL, like mine (wife) did, and this WON'T happen. It's a "NO BRAINER".

    1. As a foreign born fellow on these boards, one doesn't just "Apply for Citizenship." The the problem with many people from South America is the way they enter. Uncle Sam will or can be lenient if you, come in legally with a I94(What you fill on Plane) and overstay, or those types of things. What our dear Uncle frowns on are people who cross the border by deception and there is really no record of the day you entered, or who you really are. Typically that is the fate of many from Mexico, Guatemala, and El Salvador and such places.

      Of course there are other methods, but, typically one has to agree to leave for some time. I guess he learnt the hard way that not only the bad, very bad "Hombres" will be deported. Eś muy maló mi amigo.

  5. He has no one to blame but himself he has been here since age 11 but is now an adult. Here is a news flash if you are an illegal immigrant you are breaking the law. I am glad immigration laws are finally being enforced.

  6. I have to agree, it was a mistake for this individual to assume that the person who ended upon in the office would consider the content of his character. The color of his skin and the country of his origin are apparently the only things that matter to some and so it is what is I guess. This fellow will be separated from his family and the country he thought was his own. If one sides with a person/group who hate people like them, I guess one shouldn't be surprised when they discover they are also hated.


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