Church Announcement:

Reader congratulations to the newest consecrated bishops of Global United Fellowship, Bishop Awalski M. Moore, Bishop Jonathan C. Carey and Bishop Sherman A. Gordon.

The Global United Fellowship conference started yesterday Tuesday, July 11, 2017 with over 4,000 attendees at the Koury Convention Center, Bishop Neil C. Ellis, is the Presiding Bishop.



  1. Hmmmmm.. I think I'm going to shoot for being a Bishop tomorrow. I mean, who can't. Take the test, pass, you're in. That's what it seems like to me. That's the goal right now, be a bishop and you're gold. Unreal, instead of seeking out for those who are completely lost out in the streets and not being intimidated of speaking the truth of the Word of God. I got to say this... I vividly remember Bishop Neil C. Ellis literally pointing out at the congregation and saying to them it's their fault the Bishop Eddie Long was sick. Yep...that's the type of insanity I'm truly sick of... bullies in the pulpit. Tired of it! Yes, we must respect the man of God, but I always say a million times all over again, no man is above God's laws. The environment and culture within churches today that comes straight from bishops continues to this very day.. and we ain't learned nothing. smh. At 12:25

    1. Amen Timezone. I distinctly remembering Ellis PSY OPS on Long's congregation just before the news Long molested those boys. Ellis came in trickery as he "prophesied" to tell them to stick with LONG before the news broke out. I'm with you. I'm sick of these "bishops" strutting in their robes of pride, always sticking out their greedy little begging hands. None seem to want to explain, not to live in a way where they should be blameless. They never tell us or show us by example how they humble themselves before the LORD to be VILIGENT men, and how they uses God's words practically to ensure their CHILDREN are IN SUBJECTION in all GRAVITY. These men having CERTIFICATES, never shows graciously how they are given to be HOSPITABLE, only that many should give to be hospitable to them, giving them gifts and money and a great meal at their ANNIVERSARIES and MEETINGS of GLAMOUR for their wives. Like you said Timezone, ALL this foolishness is UNREAL! God bless you brother. YOU ARE ON the MONEY, not INTO THE MONEY like most of these BISHOPS!

  2. Could not get to the You tube! Yes, he blamed the people for Long's condition!

    Anyone in their right mind can see this becoming a Bishop stuff has gotten out of hand. Anybody and everybody--. Are bishop's entitled to a higher honorarium than a regular pastor or preacher?

  3. Short ANSWER - NO!

    A bishop is an office, a man can desire. I Timothy

    A Pastor is a spiritual gift where one has the godly ability to nurture and care for God's people. This is not a title or a position. Ephesians 4:11

    A preacher is one who preachers, and GUESS WHAT, all of us are called to preach the GOSPEL.

    Don't get caught up into men's use in their tradition these terms.

    READ your Bible to find the functions and duties of each.


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