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Stop It, Pastor Steven Furtick Did Not Sign A 6-Year, $110 Million Contract To Preach At Lakewood Church!

Reader I saw a few posts about Pastor Steven Furtick leaving Elevation Church to sign a contract with Lakewood Church for millions of dollars. It's NOT TRUE, he said so himself.

A website that publishes works of Christian satire is behind false reports that Steven Furtick is leaving Elevation Church for a $110 million contract with Lakewood Church.

The article appeared at The Babylon Bee on July 28, 2017, under the headline, “Steven Furtick Signs 6-Year, $110 Million Contract With Lakewood Church.” In a “stunning” move for evangelicalism, the article reported, Steven Furtick would be preaching alongside Joel Osteen.

Jesus Take The Wheel: They're dancing to "THE STORY OF OJ" from JAY Z's 4:44 church!

Reader you know, I have to say this, I am convinced that many so called Christian church folks have literally lost their dang minds. Is there nothing left to distinguish between what is appropriate in the church versus the nightclubs? Can you all please stop calling what many of you all are doing, praise dancing? Who the heck are you praising by dancing to Jay-Z's song in the freaking church. The minister of music needs to be sat down...Promptly!!! Church is just like the world...smh. What do yall think?

Go Tell It Ministry Network of Churches Holy Convocation 2017!

Reader, Holy Convocation 2017 was held this past weekend in the DMV area with the Presiding Bishop Corletta J. Vaughn. One was made a Bishop in the Lord's Church during The Sacred Service, His Grace Herbert H. Jackson.

Go Tell It Ministry Worldwide, is an international evangelistic ministry with churches and partners worldwide. The Presiding Bishop Corletta J. Vaughn has traveled extensively preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ as an evangelist, leading people to understand and walk in an intimate relationship with
Christ and knowing Holy Spirit, with full demonstration of His gifts, healing, miracles, prophecy, faith and power.

(You can read more about her ministry here.

More Pics Here:

Would Pastor Jamal Bryant Be Better In Politics Than In The Pulpit?

Reader good Sunday morning to everyone I'm praying that everyone reading this post has a wonderful day, in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Welcome back CoCo Brother! 

Evangelist and Christian minister Cory Condrey is returning to radio following a car accident in December 2016 which severely injured his legs. In a post on Twitter, he announced the live taping of “Radio Condrey: Evening With Pastor Jamal Bryant,” which will take place on Sunday, July 30th, beginning at 7 PM.

The event will be held at The Condrey Evangelistic Association Douglasville, GA. Along with Pastor Jamal Bryant,  of Empowerment Temple in Baltimore, MD, the event listing says there will be “surprise guests.” Pastor Bryant shared the announcement on Twitter with the video below, writing that he “can’t wait” for the event. 

Anyhow in light of the latest news regarding a woman receiving an Order of Protection against Pastor Bryant because (she claims), he has been “stalking” and “harassing” he…

Funeral Held Today For Disabled Man Who Drowned As Teens Laughed.

Reader while I understand the anger people have towards these youth. Please understand that under Flordia law they did nothing wrong. Except failure to activate the 911 system or render AID. 

Hundreds of people filled a Florida church for the funeral of a disabled man who drowned while a group of teens taunted him, did nothing to help him and recorded his death.

Thirty-one-year-old Jamel Dunn died July 9 in a Cocoa retention pond. His body was found July 14. Dunn's death received international attention after it was discovered that the teens, ages 14 to 18, were heard in the video laughing at him as he drowned. Florida prosecutors will decide whether to file charges against them.

Florida Today reports that on Saturday many mourners at Zion Orthodox Primitive Baptist Church wore red at the family's request. Some wore T-shirts with photos of Dunn on them.
Dunn's red cask…

Chicago Church Kicks Out Member After Same-sex Wedding, A Protest Is Schedule For Sunday!

Reader good Saturday morning to everyone I'm praying that everyone reading this post has a wonderful day, in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. A Chicago woman was kicked out of her church and then spoken about from the pulpit in a not so good of a way after marrying her partner.

I'm fully aware of the church covenant and all its by laws. perhaps removing a person from their church duties if they were a pastor evangelist choir member etc. But to put them out the church all together is something totally different.

Friends of a long-time parishioner of Apostolic Church of God will be picketing outside the South Side, Chicago ministry from 8 am-noon Sunday, July 30, to protest her removal. The woman, who prefers to remain anonymous, married her partner, a woman, which resulted in her being kicked out of Apostolic Church of God, 6320 S. Dorchester. Chic Chic Social Club is sponsoring the protest.

The woman's grandmother and mother also belonged to the church,…

Is Conference Pricing Out of Control?

Reader can some of these so called Christian conferences be over priced to the point that the group of people who needs to be ministered to at these thing can't even afford to attend? It seems that conferences are the new church phenomenon and niche, everyone wants to do it. Someone was complaining about the conference pricing and posted the below comment under the flyer.

It is so expense, it would be nice if it was made so hurting people could attend. 

Pastor Ylawnda Peebles and The City of Praise Family Ministries invites you to their first annual Treasures of the Heart: A Woman's Experience. This Woman's Experience is geared towards reaching out to hurting women, helping to bring empowerment, peace, understanding, and to open their eyes to see themselves as God sees them. 

This experience will feature, Tony Award Winner, Cicely Tyson, Grammy Award Winners, Yolanda Adams and Tina Campbell, Judge Glenda Hatchett and BET's Sunday's Best Winner, Y'anna Crawley.


Tasha Cobbs Leonard, Response With Arrogance and Egotism To Nicki Minaj Being Featured On Her Upcoming Album!!

Reader good Friday morning to everyone I'm praying that everyone reading this post has a wonderful day, in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  This past weekend Tasha Cobb Leonard preached at her home church The dReam Center in Decatur, GA, and kind of addressed some of the backlashes she received for her collaboration with Nicki Minaj. 

First I didn't understand what Tasha was saying in the video she was all over the place in her presentation, therefore that made it kind of hard for me to follower.  In my opinion, the attitude she is portraying here is the wrong one for the child of God who is lead by the Holy Spirit. If she feels like God led her no need for the attitude.

Facebook: Who gone check me boo??? Really Tasha? Don't worry...that pride, arrogance, and egotism will get you checked real quick. People screaming and bucking for foolishness doesn't make it right in the sight of God. We need to be careful. Not judging or coming for anyone. Just g…

Donald Trump Supporter Tina Campbell Is Releasing A New Single Tomorrow!!??

Reader big Trump supporter and one half of the duo Mary Mary TINA CAMPBELL has released a new single and has prep second solo album. The multiple award winning soloist, multi-Grammy® winning recording artist, author, WE tv original series star, and now web series star, will unveil her new single, the Gospel/Pop ballad, “Too Hard Not To,” tomorrow, July 28th, on sister Erica Campbell’s nationally syndicated morning radio show Get Up! Mornings With Erica Campbell.

In the coming weeks Tina returns with her newest solo album, It’s Still Personal, the follow-up to 2015’s solo debut, It’s Personal. A re-working of the NAACP Image Award winner for Outstanding Gospel Album in 2016, It’s Still Personal features three new original tracks—the heart-felt new single, “Too Hard Not To,” plus a rousing soulful Southern Gospel tune, “Evidence,” and the rap/hip hop tinged “We Livin.” The sing…

African-Americans Are Much More Inclined To Recognize The Value Of Reading The Bible Than Any Other Group!

Reader Black folks really, really love the Bible. At least that's the conclusion of recent study that determined Bible reading habits among Christians. The American Bible Society’s “State Of The Bible” report says that 71% of African-Americans frequently study the Bible, compared to just 58% of all Americans. Only 6% of African-Americans are hostile toward the Bible, while just 4% are skeptical and 19% are neutral.

The Christian Post reports:

African-Americans are much more inclined to recognize the value of reading the Bible,” Roy Peterson, president of American Bible Society, said in a statement. “Anyone who devotes time to the Word of God can discover its unique ability to help make sense of life.”

For the purpose of the annual study, the researchers defined “Bible-engagement” as having the belief that the Bible is the actual Word of God or inspired word with no errors, coupled with the practise of reading the Bible at least four times each week. Even those who believe that the Bi…

Church Announcement,"govern yourself accordingly"!

Reader good Tuesday morning to everyone I'm praying that everyone reading this post have a wonderful day, in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

J. Spivey Production has done it once again with another Gigantic Gospel Concert featuring some of the most fantastic anointed women of God on this side of heaven. There will be two concerts one in Dallas and one in Houston so get your tickets today! This is a concert you don't want to miss!!!!

Church Announcement: Legendary Leadership and Luminous Legacy!

Reader good Monday morning to everyone I'm praying that everyone reading this post have a wonderful day, in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Saints I would like to get your thoughts on the above flyer? In my opinion, it's a lot to chew on at this table, you got Christianity, Islam, and the Gospel of Inclusion.

 Pastor Willie F and Mary L. Wilson and the Union Temple Baptist Church for a celebration of 44 Dynamic Years of legendary leadership and luminous legacy at the 48th Church Anniversary. The celebration begins on July 25th with a 3 Night Revival featuring Bishop Marvin Sapp, Rev. Jamal Bryant, and Bishop Carlton Pearson. The celebration ends on Sunday July, 30th with Rev. Dr. Barry Black and The Honorable Louis Farrakhan.
See you there!

The Power Sermon Series.

Reader lets talk about this, what are your thoughts when it come to pastors getting their inspiration for their Sunday morning sermon from shows like POWER and EMPIRE?  I know Pastor Jamal Bryant is kind of big on using these kind of illustrations. For me I always found it to be problematic.  

Power is an American crime drama television series airing on Starz. The show was created by Courtney Kemp Agboh and is produced by the rapper Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson. The series follows James St. Patrick (Hardwick), nicknamed "Ghost," owner of a popular New York City nightclub "Truth." In addition, he is a major player in one of the city's biggest illegal drug networks. He struggles to balance these two lives, and the balance topples when he realizes he wants to leave the drug ring in order to support his legitimate business. He also has to keep his marriage with Tasha (Naughton) and his relationship with AUSA agent Angela Valdes (Loren). With help from his part…

Here We Go, Wisconsin Company Hopes To Be The First In The United States To Offer Microchip Implants To Employees!

Reader I can't believe that this is happening in my lifetime. Like many other Christians, I was also taught that the “mark of the beast” mentioned in Rev 13:16, could most probably be a microchip which gets inserted to someone's forehead or hand. This coming technology will allow the Beast to number and track every person on earth. People believe that either a number or bar code will be imprinted on the foreheads or hands of those who will be permitted to buy or sell. Lately, the stories have been about implantable microchips that will store vital information about each of us. Such stories are widely circulated, but no proof exists that any of them are part of a worldwide conspiracy. These reports are based on a misunderstanding of Revelation 13.

A US vending business is entering a new era of ‘convenience’ by implanting microchips in employees that will allow them access to basic workplace amenities. At least 50 staff at Wisconsin firm Three Square Market have volunteered to ha…

Is ‘Woke Theology’ Weakening The Black Church??

Reader, I've found out over the years that ethnicity is only an issue the moment blacks begin to get a knowledge of self and start to make moves to end their oppression. Its funny how people could talk down on ethnicity as if God isn't the creator of ethnicity. This is one of the main reason why I'm not down with this Multicultural Church nonsense. It's nothing but a religious and money way of getting everyone to embrace the Caucasian mindset.

This is a well thought out article even thou I don't 100% agree. 
Darrell Harrison over at Just Me Thinking wrote this piece, How Woke Theology is Hurting the Black Church. The heart of his concern is that present day social justice movement efforts are subordinating, if not undermining, the root of a Christian response to the ills of this world–that is, the need for redemption and forgiveness of sins through Christ.
Also check out this article addressing the same thing.
Another question: on being woke and Christian

This Picture Is Not Of Your Traditional Pastor And First Lady, There's No Big Hats and Suits To Be Found Here.

Reader I introduce to some and present to others Apostles Matthew & Kamiliah Stevenson my internet pastors.  This is a Dynamic Duo for The Kingdom of God! I Love it!

Born for ALL of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When A Picture Says It All!!

Reader, these folks are so dedicated and pledge total allegiance to the god they serve, but we as Christians, have turned our God into Santa clause, with no time for worship, praise or study in our busy schedules. I'm aware of the back drop that goes along with this picture but I still think they deserve to pray in their own mosque in peace and quiet. What is this world coming to?

Linda Sarsour: This is resilience. This is perseverance. This is faith. This is commitment. This is inspiration. This is Palestine. Denied access to pray at Al Aqsa Mosque in their own homeland, Palestinians pray on the streets in an act of non-violent resistance. They are met with tear gas and rubber bullets. But you still can't keep them from God. While the world powers continue to turn a blind eye to the blatant injustice against and the suffering of the Palestinian people, they remain steadfast and teach us life, determination and patience. Palestine will be free, it's not a question of if, it…

Prophet Brian Carn Is Now Leading The Charge For Holiness!!

Reader these folks are something else beside being petty. Most of us probably already know and associate holiness with righteousness, this is entirely understandable if you understand scripture. Holiness is a lifestyle that's pleasing to God. The word says without HOLINESS NO MAN shall see God. The men and women who are deemed holy in Scripture are indeed also renowned for their ethical purity, despite their lack of moral perfection. Yet while this goodness is part of holiness, it is not the primary emphasis of the term.

Anyhow Prophet Brain Carn along with Pastor Ronzel Prelow and other preachers/pastors/teachers of the Gospel, had a debate this morning at 11am at The Experience Church, Suffolk VA on the topic "What Is Holiness Really?"
Y'all can listen to the discussion here if you like.

Church Announcement: Glorious Inaugural Celebration Honoring Bishop Don W. Shelby, Jr.

Reader will you be in the number? According to the Facebook saints, they're calling EVERYONE from the north, south, east, and do NOT want to miss this glorious event as they celebrate the promises of the Lord fulfilled in the life of such a giant of a man.

Michigan Southwest 5th Jurisdiction will honor their leader, Gods gift to the body of Christ, the anointed and appointed Bishop Don W. Shelby Jr.!!! This occasion will definitely be one for the record books, and if you know ANYTHING about Southwest 5th, ANYTIME we meet the GLORY of God meets us! You are in for a treat, both naturally and spiritually! Spread the word and get your tickets!

What's Everyone Thoughts About Nicki Minaj Being Featured On Tasha Cobb's Upcoming Album?

Reader apparently, the gospel music scene and secular Music Industry is going through a serious fusion. The music of the gospel is infusing with that of the secular and the global Entertainment industry is becoming a huge mix and all seems cool cause the money seems to make it all go round.

At first I use to think that it wasn't a big deal for secular and gospel artists to collaborate, now I view it differently. There is definitely a war going on. Your either sold out or your not. Collaboration on an album is not ministry its compromise. Jesus doesn't need help from the world to win souls. He needs men and woman who are not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to stand up and share truth.  In my opinion Tasha Cobb been changing over the last 2-3 years. The anointing she once possessed has been gone you can tell that by her last release, that "it" factor is just not there.

Church Announcement: The Black Church And Religious Freedom In The Age Of Trump!

Reader good Saturday morning to everyone I'm praying that everyone reading this post have a wonderful day, in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake will be the keynote speaker of an upcoming panel and discussion on the intellectual, pragmatic, theological and other arguments in favor of the vital importance of religious freedom in the current political and cultural setting. The summit will engage 20-30 leaders of the black church from around the country.​

Special attention will be paid by the panel to the role of the black church. The perspective of the panelists’ denomination or other religious group will also be incorporated. Following presentations by the panel there will be a 30-minute discussion with the seminar participants.

The Feminization Of The Five fold!

Reader good Friday morning to everyone I'm praying everyone reading this post have a wonderful day, in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I received a kind message yesterday from a beautiful young lady that I follow byway of social media. This young lady had wanted to alert me to the fact that my post incorrectly claim that Pastor Ronzel Pretlow now controversial viral Facebook live video was an attack against Apostle Matthew Stevenson now deleted Facebook live video, when in fact it was not. Truth is, Dr. Matthew Stevenson now deleted Facebook live video was in response to Pastor Pretlow sublimely attack against him. 
Thanks young sister for pointing that out and congratulation on your upcoming marriage.  

Regardless of what Pastor Ronzel Pretlow is now saying in defense of his controversial Facebook live video that it was not an attack against Dr. Matthew Stevenson he's not being honest. Skinny jeans,clergy collar, Mohawk, blonde hair and tattoos - it's…

Prophet Brian Carn, Dr. Earl Carter, Bishop Ronzel Pretlow, Response To Apostle Matthew Stevenson's Commentary!

Reader good Thursday morning to everyone I'm praying everyone reading this post have a wonderful day, in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I guess R. Kelly and Apostle Matthew Stevenson is the Facebook topic for the last couple of days because it's all up and down my timeline.

All I'm gonna say is that after watching all the different broadcasts and attacks against Apostle Matthew Stevenson the church needs to get it together. Everyone interprets the Scriptures differently, every pastors is not for everybody.  In my opinion, the rebuttal last night by Prophet Carn, the yelling and name calling by Dr. Earl Carter and the personal attacks on the man and his ministry by Bishop Ronzel Pretlow was not necessary. I'm at lost with this whole Apostle Matthew Stevenson situation.
The religious folk had reported Apostle Matthew Stevenson video so many times that Facebook took the video down. 

Earl Carter hateful response to Apostle Matthew Stevenson commenta…

Black Clergy Rising, Ebenezer Pastor Arrested During Capitol Protest

Reader THANKS TO PASTORS like Rev. Raphael Warnock and Rev. Cynthia L. Hale who are not afraid to take a stand on the issues that affect the communities they serve in. It is problematic when you look at the social media pages of some of these high influence pastors and churches who are dead silent on this proposed budget, having church as usual.

The Rev. Raphael G. Warnock was among several pastors arrested in Washington, D.C. during a protest against the proposed budget and efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.
A photo shows Warnock, senior pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church, was escorted out of the building in handcuffs by Capitol police.
Spokeswoman Tenisha Bell said Warnock and other faith leaders were singing and praying in the Russell Senate Office building. 
Warnock and the Rev. Cynthia L. Hale, senior pastor of Ray of Hope Christian Church, were among a group of pastors wh…

Lord Have Mercy Dr.Matthew L Stevenson III, Has Ruffled The Feathers Of The Church, Thanks For The Awesome Message!!

Reader good Wednesday  morning to everyone I'm praying everyone reading this post have a wonderful day, in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Y'all this is absolutely one of the best sermons I've heard in a long time. Dr Matthew L Stevenson III has ruffled the feathers of a lot of church folks in his latest offering which has gone viral. What does the bible really say about tattoos, and other things Christians worry about? This is a much needed conversations what did you come to see?

Church Announcement: Gospel At The Hardrock!!

Reader if you're planning to attend Gospel Music Workshop of America 50th anniversary, then you don't want to miss this event *Gospel At The Hardrock.* This event July 25th and 26th is a celebration honoring Bishop Richard "Mr. Clean" White and James Robinson.

Does Gospel Singer Kim Burrell And Secular Artist JayZ Equal The Mark Of The Beast??

Reader good Tuesday morning to everyone I'm praying everyone reading this post have a wonderful day, in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Church it's time to preach Holiness!! In a video clip that has been uploaded to social media, Gospel Singer Kim Burrell is elated and proud that she had gotten a call from secular artists Jay Z to record on his latest album that sister girl is calling out her astronomical numbers. 

Anyhow, according to Pastor G. Craige Lewis Jay Z is known as jay hova god, who worships the devil and promotes lasciviousness in his lyrics. Why in the world would a so called "pastor" be excited about being apart of project like this? Well, remember, Kim was attacked for her so called anti gay rant that she did at her church, targeting the sin of the LGBT movement. And now it just so happens that Jay Z's mother comes out as lesbian on the same album that Kim is featured on! Coincidence? I think not!

In my video Single Saved Conte…

Don't Miss This Celebration With The Oldest Apostolic Pentecostal Organization In The World!

Reader The 102nd Convention of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World will convene in "Music City," -- Nashville (TN). Where thousands of believers from throughout the world will gather for a week of fellowship, instruction, business, and worship.

The PAW's five new Bishops will be consecrated in a formal ceremony at the Nashville convention. The list includes the first female Bishops with a diocese - Bishops Mona Reide, Ed.D. and Gwendolyn Weeks.

The other Bishops are Bishop J. Gregory Rodgers, Bishop Lawrence Robertson, and Bishop Fredrick Jackson. 

White Evangelicals Laying Hands On 45 In Oval Office.....With Paula White Leading Them.

Reader good Monday morning to everyone I'm praying everyone reading this post have a wonderful day, in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

So, Paula White arranged for a Tuesday morning prayer meeting with several white evangelical to pray over 45. The laughing preacher, J Rodney Howard-Brown and his wife was one of them. Some of these white evangelicals have not said anything as their parishioners healthcare is threatened and, for example, Paula White-Cain who pastors a mostly black congregation in Florida and ain't said nothing but has been in full support of 45.

Let there be no confusion. This display by these white evangelical leaders is more about public affirmation of support for 45 than prayer. It's interesting to see Paula White and Rodney Howard-Browne, both from Tampa, leading the show. Who doesn't  remembers all of their shenanigans back in the 1990s, including the "laughing revival?"

This would be encouraging if it weren't fo…

Church Announcement: The Consecration Of Bishop Designate Rev Dr William J. Barber,II

Reader good Sunday morning to everyone I'm praying everyone reading this post have a wonderful day, in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The College of Affirming Bishops and Faith Leaders is pleased to announce that on July 22nd at 10 AM, The Rev Dr. William J Barber II will be Consecrated Bishop of Repairers of the Breach, a Nation-wide Network of Faith based intersectional justice organizations. All are welcome to attend.

Repairers of the Breach, Inc. is a nonpartisan and ecumenical organization that seeks to build a progressive agenda rooted in a moral framework to counter the ultra-conservative constructs that try to dominate the public square. Repairers will help frame public policies which are not constrained or confined by the narrow tenets of neo-conservatism. Repairers will bring together clergy and lay people from different faith traditions, with people without a spiritual practice but who share the moral principles at the heart of the great moral tea…