Shout Out To Pastor Matt Chandler Who Is Socially Conscious And Compassionate!

Reader as of today to my understanding and knowledge Megachurch Pastor/teacher Matt Chandler is the only white evangelical that has had the nerve to speak out publicly about the injustice that took place in the Philando Castile case. I appreciate that some white pastors are at least trying to acknowledge and address the issues of racism in this country even if it's through social media. This is the way to bridge the gap.

Pastor Matt Chandler is a pastor who for many years has been very vocal about White Privilege and how Whites are having a hard time with the concept. I love how he understands that pressing into this is one of the keys to engaging the culture for Christ.

Pastor Matt is the pastor of The Village Church in Flower Mound, Texas, amid intense debate over a jury’s decision to acquit the Minnesota police officer who fatally shot Philando Castile last July. The popular megachurch pastor has weighed in on the matter with a pointed tweet expressing his shock, which angered some in the Christian community. 

Castile’s case made international headlines after he was shot by Officer Jeronimo Yanez during a traffic stop and Castile’s girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, posted video of his final moments on Facebook Live.

Pastor Matt Chandler Tweet:

“I can’t understand how a court could land where they did on #PhilandoCastile while the department removed him." “Feels dirty & demonic.” 


  1. Lady Brock,Thank you for this article. Pastor Matt Chandler has always been outspoken about everything he doesn't hold back. The so called White Evangelical Christians don't like him or the NRA. He speaks with truth and clarity on issues of what's happening in today's society. So they blacklist him and Russell Moore. The truth shall set you free. How can you say you love GOD AND HIS SON whom you never seen yet hate your BLACK ,HISPANICS LATINOS brothers and sisters in the LORD. There is no WHITE JESUS OR BLACK JESUS. HATRED IS RAMPANT IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Time out for foolishness it's time for the CHURCH to take a STAND. They are either going to PREACH AND TEACH THE REAL ONLY INFALLIBLE WRITTEN WORD OF GOD OR ARE THEY GOING TO CONTINUE TO LIE ,CHEAT STEAL, BE RACIST AND BIGASTS, NARRISST,LOVE ONLY WHITE and continue to support a President that is IMMORAL, CORRUPT,NARRISST, LIAR,THIEF,RACIST, RAPIST WHO LIKES TO GRAP THEM BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY, FOREIGN SPY. OR ARE THEY GOING TO SERVE THE TRUE AND LIVING GOD. WHO DO THEY SERVE. GOD OR MAN. POSITION OR THE REPUBLICAN PARTY and the NRA


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