Look What Benny Hinn Has Done To These Kids In Africa??!?!?

Reader, what is this? This is so sad to me!  Some on social media are calling this the sad result of Benny Hinn's influence over the continent of Africa. 

Check out the comment and video below the break:


Nigeria stays on some church fraud and nonsense. Child exploitation. Meanwhile little toddlers are still found homeless in the streets because someone said they were demons bringing a curse to families. They expel those babies from the home to fend for themselves.  It's also sad that our African brothers and sisters are letting western civilizations religion completely take over them mentally and spiritually. 

Why in the world have the innocent child playing these games, that some adults are using to abuse the community and get money and favors?  Kids should be playing other games or learning in school.  Not learning how to lie and use religion to their convenience. Most people laugh at it but this is not funny at all. This should be child abuse. Let them be kids! They still pure no need for crazy religious foolishness. 



  1. There are SO many things wrong with this.

    Benny Hinn's show stopper move,
    Advertisement showing the kids with wings,
    Kids preaching to adults,
    Exploiting kids.

    I am pretty sure WHATEVER their preaching ain't the truth.

  2. Miss Ann,

    Not every African is blind to this nonsense. There are those who have purposed to live according to the precepts of God. You will not hear about them because they are not on social media, neither are they advertising their faith in Christ. They have gone out of the city to seek God (Hebrews 13:13) and, therefore, cannot be part of this deceitful drama.

    I would know, I am a witness!


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