Baptists Who Didn't Have The Fortitude To Denounce The Alt-Right Will Reconsider A Vote To Do So!

Reader my old Pastor Hart Ramsey once said that "racism is the church's baby. I too find it disgusting that they would not affirm their Black congregation's humanity, liberty, and dignity, but still, accept their charity (tithes and offerings).

Leaders from the Southern Baptist Convention were divided over a resolution affirming the denomination’s opposition to white supremacy and the alt-right during their annual meeting in Phoenix this week. 

On Tuesday, they initially declined to consider the proposal submitted by a prominent black pastor in Texas, Dwight McKissic, and only changed course after a significant backlash. The drama over the resolution revealed deep tension lines within a denomination that were explicitly founded to support slavery.

Baptists who didn't have the fortitude to denounce the Alt-Right will now reconsider a vote to do so. Institutional racism is hard to ferret out. Pray for Southern Baptists to affirm what God loves and hate what God hates. It says a lot about a religious denomination when 81% of them voted for Donald Trump, and they can't even come to an agreement that the Alt-Right and White Supremacy are wrong unless the wording of their resolution is so watered down that it means almost nothing. And people wonder why racism is so widespread in America among people who consider themselves good Christians.


  1. Wow, they could pass all those other items but not come up with language condemning the alt-right. Couldn't find a way to condemn movements based in nationalism or racism or bigotry?

  2. Ms. Ann I was an SBC person for the first part of my life until I attended one of their seminaries to study counseling ministry - it was there that I saw the denominations politics and the backwards ways they practice in action and it was ugly. I left the SBC and never went back. Their embrace of Donald Trump and their near execution of Russell Moore who dared condemn him only proves that the same old SBC I knew is still alive and well....they do not worship Jesus, they worship their male-dominated traditions, the GOP and political power.

  3. I know many SBC members who are honorable and decent people but in this case their church is failing them. It doesn't take a lot of thinking to explain why a church should oppose the alt-right. The unfortunate message here is that the church does not oppose the alt-right, that it will be silent. How disappointing.

    1. The wonderful thing about joining Jesus is one is not forced to "join a church". We do these things to ourselves. These are just racist political organizations. I know of course there are some wonderful people of color, who say we should simply, "get over it."

      That a so called church is even discussing alt-right.. Ok I said it the so called evangelical movement was the heart, brains, and spiritual backbone of slavery in this country. Their descendants carry on this tradition in the same manner.

    2. Are you sure you are telling the truth saying the evangelical movement was the heart and brain of slavery in this country? Prove it.

  4. Ms. Ann and readers, while were the SBC unable to pass a resolution condemning the alt-right movement you ask, but were able to pass a resolution condemning gambling in all forms? How is an SBC member then to reconcile the fact that the SBC membership overwhelmingly supported for a President candidate who owns and operates casinos? How is the world supposed to look at such a dichotomy and not immediately conclude a gross hypocrisy? For that matter, how do I not immediately conclude hypocrisy? The SBC, year after year, makes it harder and harder to remain a member.

    1. Anonymous,

      This is sad.

      We are living in a time when affiliations to "Christian" denominations/organizations are more important than living according to the precepts of God. If any of the SBC leaders was actually reading the WORD of God, they wouldn't have supported the alt-right nor Trump.

      "...mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them. For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple." (Romans 16:17-18).

    2. My question is why are they trying to make racists comfortable? Last time I checked...bigotry was a sin?( at least in the church I went to...lip service?)

  5. I was a part of the SBC in my early ministry and actually worked to recruit black churches to be dually aligned with the NBCUSA and the SBC so they could obtain more resources to do urban ministry. I left and joined the AME because of their views on race and women in ministry. It is truly telling of where their heart is. Still praying for the many who are conflicted because they are unwilling to differentiate their heritage from their faith and calling.

    1. Seriously? -_- they have to VOTE on it? :/ Like, you'd think that any Christian organization would have already condemned hatred and violence against people who God chose to be different colors or from different nations.


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