Why Did Bishop Jakes Make The Statement Churches Have Become 'Prostitutes to Politics'??

Reader, I'm revisiting Bishop Jakes panel discussion "The Polemics of Politics and the Pulpit" at his Pastors and Leadership Conference last month.  I think Bishop Jakes was right about church leadership jumping in bed with politicians and blurring the line of separation of church and state. He correctly stated that we Christians don't agree 100% with either party, so we should not allow them to use us to garner votes one way or the other. Jesus is neither Democrat or Republican. Anybody that thinks so needs to have their eyes examined. 

 Anyway, during the conference, Bishop brought up a great point:  "We have really become prostitutes to politics," What brought him to this theory? I think part of it stems from this:

"The problem that the church finds is that we find ourselves having to hook our wagon to one political side or the other, when the truth of the matter is we don't totally agree with either side about everything," he explained. "We end up with debris or contamination—when we attach our identity to either [party] and act like this is God's choice for the body of Christ," he said. How can we get political parties to work with the churches when it comes to addressing issues like poverty and hunger?

When I think about the "bigot" and clown that we have in the White House and yes I said bigot and clown! I'm really not sure that himself or his administration are in tact with ANYTHING! So, to address the churches and issues like poverty and hunger. This would have to go amongst both parties in the White House and right now, all I can say is: Jesus TAKE the WHEEL because this President doesn't have a CLUE..... Read more here:


  1. Miss Ann,

    How convenient is it that Jakes raises these issues (that have been ever so present to the ordinary folk) now (45) and NOT then (44, 43, 42, 41...)?

    Did he get edged out of the bed and the covers were retrieved?

    1. Exactly... wasn't Bishop Jakes an advisor to the previous presidents? I do agree with what Jakes said, we can't hook our wagon to the back of any political party, especially when they go against the principals of God's Word.


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