Say What A Nicki Minaj & Tasha Cobbs Collaboration Might Be Coming??

Reader, good Monday morning to you all, I'm praying everyone has a marvelous and wonderful day on today, let's make it do what it do in Jesus Powerful name.

Rumor on the street this morning, Rapper Nicki Minaj might be teaming up with gospel recording artist, Tasha Cobbs. Well if Nicki Minaj has anything to do with it, it will happen. The rapper asked Cobbs to let her put a “16” on one of the songs off her upcoming album when it’s finished.
Check it out:


  1. I am very bothered by this. However, this may truly bring Minaj to Christ because we do have to approach these secular artists without compromising our standards as believers. If we do not go to these individuals, who will?

  2. Tasha Cobbs is proving who she really serves.

    And it is not the LORD Jesus.

  3. I have no words.....smh....

  4. Nicki about to get saved.... Christian rap here we come..... Instead of rapping about young will be tithes money ��������

  5. I am not claiming to be a prophet.
    But I did predict something like this would happen.

    Check out the 15th comment down under this story.

    You can start sending me your first fruits, tithes and offerings to "Cop"Supreme Top Overseer Master Prophet (or STOMP for short)


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