Largest Church In The World Losing Members After Pastor Embezzled 12 Million Dollars.

Reader, it's a doggone shame that the teaching that you do not put your tongue against a preacher because he is God's "anointed", has caused many to turn a blind eye to the lies of the prosperity gospel. Being told that you will be out of Gods will If you leave a church causes some to stay out of fear.

After 20 plus years of this kind of message, people are beginning to see the light. They are realizing that they are giving the prosperity to their preach/pastor/teacher, but God is not giving it back to them in the way that was promised. They are also seeing that preachers/pastors/teachers like Yong Gi Cho are becoming greedy. Increasingly prosperity teachers are being investigated by the IRS, arrested for embezzlement, or losing members when people catch on to the scam.

Mature believers in Christ, who read the bible for themselves, recognize false doctrine for what it is. They also are seeing through the scare tactics and are boldly walking away from organized religion to maintain a life of prayer and bible reading on their own. (Facebook)


  1. We are in end time where there are many lovers of money, greedy teachers etc. Is no more a news anymore. May God help us all.

  2. Wow, I visited this church when I was in Seoul working and it is massive huge.

  3. Ironically, I also visited this church when I was there and actually had a pleasant conversation with this pastor about "grapes" lol.
    This is probably the most beautiful edifice in the world but he's clearly about those dollars. I'll be praying for the parishioners and that they don't give up on God because of this incident.

  4. Wow some people are so desperate​ to see some miniistries fail. The woman in the article you posted cited Matthew Bell PRI as her source, it said nothing a out Yoidi Full Gospel Church losing members. It does mention smaller churches are popping up.

    1. I don't know if that is the case because it is listed as an opinion post. However, the post quoted little to no Scripture except for the reference to the "Touch not thine anointed.." text.

  5. Yongi Cho seemed to be a pastor of integrity, but this proves you can fail if money is the motivation.


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