Jesus Is On The Mainline Tell HIM What You Want: Zimbabwean Pastor Claims To Have God’s Direct Phone Number!

Reader good Tuesday morning to you all, I'm praying everyone reading this has a marvelous and wonderful day on today, let's make it great in Jesus precious name. A pastor in Zimbabwe is making headlines after claiming to have had a conversation with God on phone. According to the BBC, the pastor was reportedly captured on camera on phone, saying “Hello, is this heaven?” before his followers.  

Paul Sanyangore, a controversial pastor from Zimbabwe, claims that he received God’s phone number from the Almighty Himself, and often receives calls from Him on how to best help his congregates. Sanyangore, who also goes by the name “Pastor Talent”, first made the outrageous claim in February, after a video of him allegedly talking on the phone with God during a service at his church, Victory World International Ministries, went viral on social media. In an interview with Zimbabwean news site H-Metro, he revealed that he was indeed on the phone with the Almighty, adding that he was surprised to see people so shocked about the whole thing. “I have a direct channel, actually I have his number and I can call him when need rises,” Sanyangore said. “It is possible to talk to God, why would you doubt that I got a call from him? I actually have a direct line which I can call him and get instructions on how to proceed.

I got this when I was praying and I heard a voice telling me to call direct.” “I got instructions on the phone on what to do or say and that is what happened on Sunday. If the heavens spoke to Abraham why not us? You are of faith and people will always have doubts while others are being delivered,” the pastor added. And if that wasn’t weird enough, Paul Sanyangore then went on to say that he would be launching a new show on his church’s television channel, Victory TV, called “Heaven Online”, where more of his phone conversations with God could be heard. He even said that he planned to reveal God’s phone number during a special service at the Victory World International Ministries, and invited people to attend so they could witness the miracle. The big reveal never really happened, but that doesn’t mean Sanyangore lied. No, he just didn’t think it was the right time to do it. At the beginning of May, in a follow-up interview with H-Metro, he said he’ll definitely reveal God’s digits this month. “The time is ripe, come Sunday the contact will be shared. I will not intercede on behalf of people they will be talking to the creator directly. We will have the event beamed on our television channel, Victory TV for the avoidance of explanations and misrepresentations,” he said. “When the Israelites demanded to see God, Moses prayed and asked God to present himself.

I have had a similar situation and it is time that I share the contact and there are conditions thereto. People have to be pure come Sunday to contain the number. It is going to be a prophetic service and He will be at our base Kingstons House, it is a day not to be missed for healing and deliverance.” Only he didn’t reveal the phone number this time either. Instead, one of the people attending Sanyangore’s service, a man called Tich Mataz, got a phone call from God in front of the whole congregation. He started delivering prophetic messages, and Pastor Talent said that the miracle was enough to prove that he was telling the truth the whole time. Oh, and also, after receiving the call from Heaven, this Mich Mataz guy can now be considered a prophet… And just in case this story sounds to unbelievable to be true, here’s a 40-minute recording of Pastor Sanyangore’s “Heaven Online” TV show, where he can be seen talking on the phone with God Himself. Enjoy!


  1. Wow. It's like Juanita Bynum's picture of Jesus.

    "Hello, hello, Is this Heaven??" That's the part that got to me. Did the angel Gabriel answer the phone??

  2. LOL@tooprotected. He should have at least put "God" on speaker phone. Smh

    1. LOL!!! Can he at least put God ALMIGHTY on speaker. LOL.

  3. This is so ridiculous, I have to do this in two parts.

    Time for

    This is LOL funny.
    I will play his game and "ASSUME" this is true.
    Like one of the commenters stated, why not put God on speakerphone so we CAN ALL HEAR?
    Or how about giving out Gods phone number so we can call ourselves.
    He sent us a text in the form of the 10 Commandments on a tablet, so surely he can receive a text. Hebrew? Greek? Or maybe we should just send emoji's.
    Is he related to the pastor who took pictures of his trip to Heaven with his cell phone and charging people for the photos. Only to claim that he has sense lost his cell phone. (I know, it sounds like a bad lifetime movie of the week starring Kevin Hart).

    BAD COP:
    What particular brand of Crack are the Christians in parts of Africa smoking???
    Drinking poison, walking on people, sex to "CURE" the women and all kinds of other foolishness. I often PRAY that these stories are urban myths.
    And with thousands of missionary trips to Africa every year by Christians organizations, do any of them try to educate people about this foolish.
    (Hey there new Christian, God DOESN'T want you to drink poison and you don't need a cell photo to hear from God)

  4. And because I love "The Black Church" blog I don't want to see your time. I am going to help save you all some time so you can see some foolishness.

    If you fast forward to the 22 minute mark of the video, you can see the Pastor walking on water with some very crappy special effects.



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