Is Your Pastor On A Pedestal? Dr Mike Murdoch Will End His 71st Birthday Celebration May 7,2017 At The Wisdom Center..

Reader according to big time Trump supporter, Dr. Mike Murdock's itinerary he has been celebrating his 71st birthday on the continent of Africa and will bring the celebration to a close this coming Sunday at the Wisdom Center.  

 The Senior Pastor of the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA) Worldwide, Reverend Biodun Fatoyinbo and his lovely wife, Pastor Modele Fatoyinbo last week hosted Dr. Mike Murdock for his 71st birthday at the church ground in Abuja, Nigeria. All this took place inside the church sanctuary.

There is an inherent danger in putting anyone on a pedestal because human beings will often let us down. We are all sinners saved by grace, even the pastor who has been at the same church for 100 years. Every Christian is on the same road, and it is one that leads to the Cross. This is the most pastor worship I've seen in a while.  

Dr. Murdock is an American Contemporary Christian singer-songwriter, televangelist, and pastor of the Wisdom Center Ministry based in Haltom City, Texas. The celebrant rocks one of Nigeria’s traditional attires called the ‘agbada’ and looks absolutely lovely in it. 

Check out more pictures below the break:


  1. Well if it wasnt for the good colored people, Masa wouldn't have such a thing cause the white folk sit back amazed wondering are they still so stupid.

    1. Betty Sue Woods:Thursday, 04 May, 2017

      Mike Murdoch is a straight-up money grabbing huckster who sounds wise as he twists Bible verses to get people to "sow [financial] seed offerings" usually to the tune of $1,000. Click on the link below and read the article for a comprehensive exposé of who he is and why he is another "word-of-faith," "seed sowing," "name-it-and-claim-it" professor, i.e. another in a long list of false promises promoters & peddlers. Beware!

    2. Miss Woods,

      I had forgotten how Murdock is such a liar!

      One time he prophesied something that didn't come to pass eventually. But at the time he was making his prophecy he said something to the effect that may his tongue cleave to the roof of his mouth if what he has prophesied doesn't come to pass. I wish his tongue did cleave to his mouth at the time.

      Anyways, I guess as the WORD of God says, "Whose end is destruction, whose God is their belly... who mind earthly things." Philippians 3:19; Murdock loves the lifestyle and knows how to keep it while spreading the strange doctrine of "sowing seed"! (Hebrews 13:9).

      I wonder which dude started this mess?

  2. That black dress completes his devilish face. He is a big, old warlock. Loves black folks $1,000 seed offering no matter what continent he is on. He was a frequent guest on the old Jim Bakker PTL show in the 80's.
    He was a dirty crook then and is the same today. He braggs about his riches right to his sucker audiences faces.

  3. Look at the fine print on his birthday celebration announcement.'Light Meal at Reception after Worship Service'. With all the thousands he rakes in for years and years, and all his riches he braggs about, why couldnt he not have a full-on 5-course Sunday church meal for his parishoners? Even little storefront churches provide that for their members and guests. He will have just enough worshipping service to collect his birthday seed-faith envelopes. BLACK FOLKS WAKE UP!!

  4. Old crook been around for years. And Africans are use to worshipping their 'gods'. Especially ones with a white face!

  5. This man is a fraud, is he a financial advisory, motivational speaker, farmer, or a preacher. Seeds and harvests. Wow! I watch him in a video studied his techniques. I like the little Rosa Parks bit was neat at getting at the little old black women. I must say....impressive but comical. Pure evil! I work in community outreach. I am on the ground floor with suffering people. We need some seeds over here to grow food. You can ask 300 people for 1000 dollar check with a straight face. That's talent.

  6. I admit I have been sucked in by his "schemes" such as the Malachi Miracle. I even did his protege conference call. The pictures do not lie, it is pastor worship. The best way to stop this: Do not send anymore money.


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