Good Teachings From A (Wise Man) The Pastor Jamal Bryant!

Reader Pastor Jamal Bryant has a strong message for the people judging him without facts:

Watch your mouth! Don't repeat what you don't know to be true and don't say what you don't want to be said about you!

I know I'm about to catch some flack on this one right here, but I don't believe the rumors. Yes, Pastor Bryant has been the topic of MANY affairs and out of wedlock children, but for some reason, this one I don't believe. Maybe because he has publicly denied it being true. 

Anyhow, it seems Pastor Jamal Bryant is the subject of some rumors circulating in Atlanta it's being rumored that the guy Real housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks were texting while married to Apollo, was Pastor Jamal Bryant.  On the explosive Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion show Sunday night, Ms. Phaedra Parks admitted she had become close with another man while going through court with estranged husband Apollo Nida. Rumor has it that the man in question has been revealed, and according to social media, it's none other than Pastor Jamal Bryant.


  1. Alright Cop and Timezone, you both need to admit you two been wrong about this man. You two need to take back all that you've said about him for the last few years! If his conscience is clear, what say ye?

    1. His denial of inappropriate communication with a reality show personality doesn't erase
      The FACT That he

      cheated on his wife,

      Has "TWO" baby mamas,

      Needed the local government to "FORCE" him to pay child support for BOTH CHILDREN,

      All while CLAIMING to be a man of God.

      So I respectively, take back NOTHING I have written about Jamal (non-oxford) Bryant.
      (Although, I no nothing about the reality show or the woman in question, so I won't bother to comment on the accusations)

      He still has shown no control over his ding-a-ling around women.
      Seems un-apologetic about his actions.
      And is even bold enough to joke about his infidelity on TV.

      He is still (in my opinion) a poor excuse for a role model, father & pastor.

  2. Well, the LORD has a stronger message for Bryant:

    "Be not deceived: neither fornicators,... nor adulterers... shall inherit the kingdom of God." (1 Corinthians 6:9-11).

    And why would a man of God find it worthy to respond to "ratchetness" if he is living righteously?


    1. Hello Anonymous. Didn't know I was gonna be called out, lol. My statements date back to last year and I stand by them all. And if you take the time out Anonymous, you'll see it's all based off of Biblical principles. And also, when controversy continues & continues & continues & continues to follow a man who is suppose to be following God’s orders, the only controversy that should follow that type of man is when he speaks truth straight from the Bible, no matter who it offends. None of us are perfect and if he's repented, cool. But again, if controversy continues to follow, something is way off. This is what I say, ye since your question was directed at me. Yes, I pray for him and hope he gets it together, but I will say I'm sick and tired of this "touch not my anointed" statements that are thrown around to terrify individuals to say not one word when if it quacks like a duck, it's a duck and if it smells like a rose, it's a rose. Here are my past comments I will never take back.

  3. Nothing surprises me about Jamal Bryant. He has shown on numerous occasions that he can't be trusted. He is lucky that his father is well respected in the AME church because they would have gotten rid of him a long time ago.

  4. he didn't deny anything and he cheated on the woman he was married too.. . . the ratchedness abounds


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