Church Announcement:

Reader good Saturday morning to you all, I'm praying for everyone to have an awesome and wonderful day in the mighty name of Jesus lets make it do what it do. 

Save the date for ... Dominion Camp Meeting 2017 Dr. Rod Parsley is pleased to announce June 30 - July 2, 2017, as the dates set for Dominion Campmeeting 2017 at World Harvest Church in Columbus, Ohio. Speakers for this year's camp meeting include:
* Host Dr. Rod Parsley 
* Ron Carpenter 
* Real Talk Kim Pothier 
* Samuel Rodriguez 
* Steven Furtick 
* Perry Stone 
* Jesse Duplantis
Save the date on your calendar, your smartphone, your computer or anything available and plan to be at Dominion Campmeeting 2017, June 30 - July 2, with Host Dr. Rod Parsley. 


  1. Miss Ann,

    I watched Parsley preaching on TBN way back when. And he went to the audience, snatched a lady's purse and picked out $$$ and talked of how that money belongs to God or something to that effect.

    Can't believe he is still running his thing and going by the pack he is with in this upcoming event, these wolves will ravage the blind sheep for sure!

  2. Even after being struck with throat cancer, he came back and didnt miss a beat. Continuing to rob the foolish or those that don"t pray for discernment in knowing who are false prophets. His Golden Boy on his roster use to be Brian Carn. Where is he?


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