Black Commencement 2017 Is Separation Not Segregation!!

Reader, student organizers at Harvard University said an event, called Black Commencement 2017, is the first university-wide ceremony for black students at Harvard and is designed to celebrate their unique struggles and achievements at an elite institution that has been grappling with its historic ties to slavery.

More than 170 students and 530 guests have signed up to attend the ceremony, which will be held May 23 at Holmes Field, near the Harvard Law School campus. The event will feature speeches by black students, alumni, and administrators. Similar ceremonies have been held for Harvard undergraduates as well as for students at Stanford, Columbia, Temple, and other campuses. On May 23, Harvard will also hold its third annual graduation ceremony for students of Latin American descent.

I don't see a problem here, this is in addition to the main ceremony, in which they will attend both. This is separation, not segregation. There's a difference. These students wanted a good education but not the validation. They also realize that they have to stick together and celebrate them. There's no harm in separation which isn't the same as segregation. Honestly, a lot of older people who lived through segregation say they would have preferred to stay separate (as in no laws to force them to do use "colored" facilities which is segregation). Black communities thrived before integration btw.


  1. I do see a problem, you want to have a black commencement, you should have went to an HBCU.

    1. Preach. Separate is NEVER EQUAL. If Black students demand to have their own graduation ceremonies, then White supremacists can demand to have the same thing. THEN it would be a problem when white folks do it.

      You can't have it both ways. When Black people were FORCED to be segregated, crime was down but POVERTY was still an issue. The worst thing to happen to Black communities was drugs and welfare. BEFORE welfare, Black folks had their own gardens and raised chickens and fished!!

  2. Oh I just wonder if white people did this, would it be considered racist and segregation...


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