Bishop T.D.Jake's Took Control Of The Potters House Church Of Denver, While False Teacher Rod Parsley Takes Control Of The Potters House Church Of Dallas.

Reader, Bishop T. D. Jakes preached today at the Potter’s House Church of Denver, while False Teacher Rod Parsley took over the Potter's House of Dallas pulpit.   This is weeks after his protege and former pastor of the church, Chris Hill resigned. Chris Hill was accused of having an extramarital affair with a married church employee who is also his goddaughter.  According to updates on Twitter, Jakes’ sermons were “Where Is Your Faith?” and “My Battle Is My Bread.”

Rod Parsley preached about dreaming again: Judges 7:1-7

 You can't give up, the finish line is right there. Sometimes you may feel like everything is about to break down but you have to realize that even in the darkness you can find glory! There comes a time in all of our lives where we feel as though our dreams are over, but they are not! You must believe and pray in order to get to where you want to go. Remember those times when you thought you were by yourself, but then you realize it was God's plan and He gave you better! God loves you when you get it right and when you get it wrong. It's hard to hit a home run when you have your eyes closed! Don't give up as He hasn't given up on you! God loves you and will not stop loving you if you're right or wrong. Somebody out there is dreaming about you and praying for you; are you doing the same? Thank God for the playbacks so you can understand what's happening now. We all take a loss here and there but that doesn't mean to stop dreaming. Remember, when your present is aligned with God's Word, it becomes your future!


  1. Nice layout Ms. Ann. As for Rod Parsly being a false teacher as indicated above.... I have to ask myself how have the teachings of some of what Jakes has said been truth?

    1. Time Zone I know that you are not talking to me but Rod Parsley is a false teaching.i watched as this false teacher monetizes a story one time about David and the threshing floor. For $50 dollars you can have the 5 blessings of Pentacost. There's also was an appeal for those who can give $1,000 dollars and receiver greater blessing (2 Peter 2:1-3). He should've been ashamed. SMH!!!

    2. Thanks Timezone, I'm trying to work the bugs out.

    3. Hello Marsha. I 100% agree with you, however I look at the overall spectrum who was considered at one time as "America's Bishop." Yep, Rod Parsley is about that cash... sickened. However there are other biblical heresies occurring from Jakes himself.

  2. all televangelist are false prophets,they preach for money,the same way the saduccees and pharissees did in Jesus time,Jesus warned us about in the last days there will be many that will come in my name,and,I will not know them.

  3. For a moment I thought I had the wrong blog. Looks nice.

    As for Jakes.
    Even though I have issues with his theology and some practices, He sounds educated and level headed for the most part.

    HOWEVER. I am often reminded of Jakes own foolishness when he allows
    Tyler Perry to lay hands on him,
    Rod Parsley to preach,
    Or shares space with the likes of Paula White, Juanita Bynum & Rod Parsley, giving legitimacy to their foolishness.

    This lets me know that Jakes is just a well polished Pulpit pimp.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks I'm working the bugs out.

  5. As for Jakes and Co. There are no words.

    I appreciate how the LORD is slowly pulling back the veil to reveal what we have been talking about for a while - False Teachers galore!

  6. Lady Brock, Nice new look for your blog. Keep up your good work. As for Jakes and Parsley may GOD Have Mercy On Their SOULS. If they don't STOP the FOOLISHNESS IN HELL THEY WILL LIFT THERE EYES.

    1. Thanks Unknown, for the compliment.


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