Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake Sr. And Lady Mae Blake At The Inaugural Ball!

Reader this pictures says it all. Congratulations Bishop Blake and First Lady Mae Blake, you both look absolutely beautiful. 


  1. A picture can be so deceiving. They both look beautiful.But they both are two mean ,evil,mean and wicked and nasty people's. Money can buy fame and fortune but not class. She was very disrepectful to her parents and doesn't have a relationship with her brother and family. Doesn't have respect for the saints. She is the Mrs.Chanchellor of COGIC. Blake is the worst P.B that COGIC has ever had he and his Cronnies treat folks like worse than animals.He runs the Church like the MAFIA.All the glamour and glory and the $250 tickets that they charge every 4 years that Blake is re elected. That is ridiculous. That's a waste of money. When there are folks in most COGIC CONGREGATIONS can't afford to hardly pay there bills cause there local pastors and there famlies are draining them for every penny that they make. And they can't even go there to get help if they need $10 to get gas to get to a doctor's appointment. That's pathetic that COGIC continues to exploit there congregations. But what is more pathetic is that folks keep putting up with all that FOOLISHNESS.

  2. Miss Ann,

    I had no idea there was such a thing as an inaugural ball for a bishop and his "first lady". Oh well...

    And that gown, oh my! While some church members are struggling from pay check to pay check.

    They sure love the splendor. And they are not in position to heed to the call of Christ, to sell all they have, give the money to the poor and follow him. (Luke 18:22). SMH!

    1. Come on You All!!! If Mae Blake were dressed in 'old school' holiness attire, you still would be talking about her like a dog, e.g. Why would bishop let her out of the house dressed like that? Go on and confess, you know you would be saying that!

    2. If there wasn't an inaugural ball, we wouldn't be having this conversation at ALL!


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