Pastor Saeed Abedini Gives Right Wing Pastor Franklin Graham The Hypocrite Of The Year Award For Being A Fraud!

Reader yall remember Pastor Saeed Abedeni, the Iranian pastor who spent more than three years in prison for preaching the Gospel? Well, according to today's online chatter the newly released pastor is publicly calling right wing hate pastor Franklin Graham out on some of his bull. The right wing Christian community ain't liking what Mr. Abedini is having to say. 

Mr. Abedini posted a lengthy status on his Facebook page calling Franklin Graham out for what he perceived as being a hypocrite. Abedini accused the right wing evangelist and other pastors of using persecuted Christians to fundraise for their own operations.  

Franklin Graham is president and CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Samaritan's Purse, a Christian humanitarian organization. He wrote: "We as [the]persecuted church and Christians always have been used with famous and rich Pastors and Preachers who used us for fundraising and recently because of special media attention on me some of them tried to show themselves as saviours of the persecuted churches and me which it wasn't true and right but their own benefit". Speaking of Franklin Graham, he accused the pastor of wasting money on private jets and said his lifestyle doesn't match the way he preaches about the persecuted church.


  1. This is SAD! Something isn't right with this dude. He lost his family and now he wants to do the BLAME GAME. I listened to this story for quite some time when he was in Jail and the Attorney was petitioning the Obama administration (it's true) to get him released and God came through for him. So, NOW, all of a sudden he want to talk about being used...REALLY!! I, for one, AIN'T buying it...He Better count his BLESSINGS. Sorry!

  2. Miss Ann,

    It's probable the Abedini expected a windfall from the usage but he got none and now he cries out publicly.

    If he truly was living according to the precepts of God, he would know that the wealth Graham Inc. has accumulated from using him doesn't for a second compare to eternal life spent with Christ our God.

    Therefore, he too is a hypocrite.


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