Missing DC Girls And The Sin Of Selective Outrage!!

Reader thanks to Relevant Magazine for this well written and thought out piece. The crisis of missing black girls in D.C. and across the nation needs more attention than it’s getting.

"As Christians, if our hearts aren’t for equality, our hearts aren’t for the kingdom of God. We Christians don’t get to be pro-life when it comes to fetuses but not when it comes to refugees. We don’t get to be for feeding the hungry when Jesus multiplied fish and bread, but not when it comes to the impoverished in our own nation. We don’t get to care about some missing children more than others, especially when the only difference is skin color... Let us not be a Church that only seeks justice for some."
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  1. 6 of the girls have already been found. All 6 if them ran away, which is what happens most of time when someone goes missing. SMH.

  2. There is no crisis of missing black girls in DC. This story was overblown because of misinformation on social media. People need to stop believing everything they read on social media.


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