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Once Again How to Live Under A Morally Unqualified President!

Reader what a good timing for a re-post. Pastor John Piper posted this article on January 20, 2017 and got a lot of backlash....but it's even more comforting today. Let us continue to pray for love to reign in our country - the love of God and our neighbor, not the love of power, pride, money or anything else. They will know we are Christians by our love.

“Donald Trump treats language — the medium of truth — as a wax nose to be bent and molded to create a desired outcome, whether it corresponds to the truth or not.”

This Pastor Put Not Only Himself But His Entire Congregation At Risk Of Jail Time Due To CPN Numbers!

Reader, this pastor at one time almost got himself and his congregation some prison time because of a CPN number they obtained from a credit repair company.  What is a CPN number (Credit Privacy Number ) A credit privacy number, also called a credit profile number or CPN is a nine-digit number that can be used to apply for credit. 

Some Credit repair companies tell you that you can have one of these numbers (for a fee, of course) and then use it to get loans or credit cards. Is it legal??? Noooooooo!!!! According to the Federal Trade Commission, lying on a credit application and misrepresenting your Social Security number are both federal crimes. Even if you obtain a CPN from a company that looks 100 percent legit, you’re still breaking the law if you plug that into the Social Security box on a credit application. 

Basically, you’re lying by omission by substituting a credit privacy number for your real information. It's most likely a child, senior, deceased, or incarcerated persons social security number that has been stolen and sold to you. Currently the max penalty is 15 years for identity theft. Don't do it! 


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