The Bamboozling Of HBCU Presidents!!

Reader, this article clearly states HBCU leadership agreed to meet up with 45 for a purpose. The purpose was to discuss the condition of the institutions. However, Trump did a bait and switch. This must be a lesson learned. No more closed door meetings with 45. All 45 did was move the HBCU initiative from the Department of Education to the Executive Office of the President. After a meeting between the Trump administration and over 100 HBCU presidents, Morehouse College President John Wilson Jr. issued a statement Thursday that essentially said the result of their meeting with Trump was an Instagram photo.

Wilson said that he was excited when he heard Trump claim that he'd "do more for HBCUs than any other president has done before." But after the meeting, it was clear that Trump's executive order was more hyperbole: "Many had high hopes about this meeting. There was much advance chatter about it being “historic,” and there were many signals from key Trump administration officials that they would surprise HBCUs with favorable treatment..

But, instead of the long-awaited executive order containing or signaling any of those outcomes, the key change is a symbolic shift of the White House HBCU Initiative from the Department of Education to the White House. It is not possible to measure the impact of this gesture anytime soon, if ever," the statement reads.


  1. Miss Ann,

    Please don't delete my post.

    Of all the US presidents that have come through White House, why would HBCU presidents trust DT because he said so? Why?

    Have they forgotten his campaign speeches and the recent speech at the black Museum? Why didn't they use common sense?

    Why did they expect sooo much from one who promised sooo little? Why?

    Why or why didn't they put their advanced degrees to use to analyze the make up of the administration before they eagerly cleaned their suits for a visit?

    And why after such a long time of disappointments regarding support from White House why would they think 45 would do better at all?

    Why didn't they see this was a game? And him a player?

    The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want...

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    2. See...,that's what gets me. Even this post.

      When you listen to Omarosa, one of TRUMP's key officials and an HBCU graduate, she express the failure of the previous administration where 28,000 HBCU students have to drop out of school, because of decisions made in 2011 to tighten credit standards for Parent PLUS Loans under then President Obama's Department of Education. This action resulted in millions lost in tuition for HBCUs, and thousands of students delaying their college education. President Obama's Education Secretary Arne Duncan apologized to HBCU leaders and advocates for the way the Parent PLUS loan decision was communicated. Just to state what Omarosa said is not to "hate" on OBAMA. Somehow, I feel I can't even express here somewhat what may be a vital part of the backdrop behind the STORY EVEN POSTED HERE, without my comment being DELETED!

      I mean...some here say Obama's not the President anymore. But as we should know, there have always been throughout the History of Politics, where policies were enacted by previous term the current administration has to address, rather to revise, reconstruct, or even abolish. That being said, it's only practical one would respond on issues like the one here posted, referencing what was initiated before.

      THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WIT HATE! It has all to do with common sense discussion. But we all know "Common Sense is not a flower that does not grow in everyone's garden".

      I'm with YOU ANONYMOUS. I just don't GET IT.


    3. * "Common sense IS A FLOWER...that does not grow in everyone's garden".

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    5. Let me make this clear for those who need to will never ever find anything favorable posted by me about 45 on this blog, it's not going to happen......I despise he and his administration....If you have a problem with my personal feeling toward DT then by all means keep your comment to yourself and keep it moving.

    6. Ms. Ann please please please...nobody's got a problem with you having a problem with DT. ABSOLUTELY NOBODY. NOT menor Shepherd, nor Timezone, not RLR,...NO ONE. like I said your personal feelings about TRUMP are just...YOUR PERSONAL FEELIMGS...

      I THINK the problem that folks have is your deleting posts when they COMMENT ABOUT OBAMA, where people can't understand your dislike for TRUMP sins, when OBAMA is a sinner too like the rest of us and seem to get a pass. And like I said as others did, I did not vote for either, so I have no dog in the fight. And too, some of the posts you make about TRUMP ie thus one, may feed to prompt responses about OBAMA. Please please Ms Ann. Everyone gets it. This is your blog. Please as the owner, be above this and give people to express their concerns for being fair.
      EVEN "Shepherd" had to preface her post your deleting her response even though she said nothing about OBAMA. COME ON MS. ANN...

      "In all thy getting get understanding."

      I winder what your husband has to say about these posts being deleted.


    7. No the problem for you and the others you named in your comment, is that I will not allow you all to dragged the Obama's. I could care less if you supported him or not, you are not going to disrespect him on my blog. If you want to attack President Obama then go where that mess is welcome at. I appreciate Obama for doing the best he had with the little he had; proud to have called him my president.

    8. Ann you don't owe these silly trolling clowns an explanation. HELL this is your blog. I'm glad that you are removing some of the ignorant comments. Ray Charles could see what these fools are doing. Every post you put up they try and make it be about Obama. They never discuss the topic at hand. Keep doing what your are doing I been following you for years.

    9. Nobody's dragging OBAMA.

      No One's disrespecting Him.

      People are giving about the "sacred cow" (no disrespect) FACTS about what they know ABOUT OBAMA, the decisions "they" DEEM TO BE disrespectful and ungodly.

      If you just want people here to respond about OBAMA, "he's was a great president", he did a lot for the progression for this country", "he did his best to advance African Americans", you would really be out of touch. SORRY!

      No one here has ever been distasteful or disrespectful, like they (black and whites) say about the OBAMAS (he is a homosexual, he is a cocaine user, Michelle is a tranny) or any such thing.

      I personally implied about the "great" Billy Graham is a SATINIST. Nothing this harsh here about 44.

      Ms. Ann...PLEASE...It's not about DISRESPECT! Most of the responses about OBAMA is not really about "OBAMA". It's directed to those "PEOPLE" who respond about the sins of 45 and not the sins of 44.

      I really don't GET why you can't seem to discern that.

      "In all thy getting get understanding" is HIS WORD. Put that above your dislike for TRUMP. When you do God and not YOU, you will see a greater blessing on your BLOG!!!


    10. DEE WILLIAMS you say these "TROLLS" never discuss the topic (which by the WAY IS A LIE), yet YOU came here to comment AND SAID NOTHING ABOUT THE TOPIC at HAND, only to tell Ms. Ann to keep doing what she's doing.


      Take the BEEM out of your eyes so you can see (BLIND RAY CHARLES) to take the mote out of some one else's eyes.


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    12. Trust me Dee Williams, I'm far from a Troll. I get on this site along with other sites to wake folks from the deep sleep you’re in. Believe me, this what I’m saying would not have been taken to this level without the "silly troll clown" comment. I stick with the reality of the past, present and future of what's to come and the ramifications that have been set in stone by the past presidents. Look, if it was my daddy in the whitehouse doing stupid crazy foolishness, destabilizing nations financially, giving billions of dollars to corporations instead of the community within the states, being a proponent of keeping wars going with drones and killing others that look just like him.... oh yes, I'd be all over him. But thank God my wonderful father and I are on the same page. No matter what they look like or talk like, if it's foolishness, it needs to be called out, crazy Trump, #44 and the future new world order presidents that are to come. Hope ya'll see this before it's gone.

  2. Trump is a piece of work, he COPIED and PASTED Obama's HBCU Executive Order 13532, put it out as his own, and then REVOKED Obama's executive order? And he actually thought nobody would notice? Wow. That's bold...

    1. This comment should be removed. It has nothing to do with Obama. (but I bet the comment stays up). WATCH!

    2. Haha and why should I delete it? I agree with the comment 100%.

    3. Sad that some of the HBCU presidents disregarded or were not aware of Pres. Obama's 2010 exec order.


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