So Omarsoa Is Now The Gatekeeper Between Black America And "45"???

Reader Buzzfeed posted a profile early in the week of Omarosa Manigault called (“The Gatekeeper") which is some what a interesting read. Omarosa is the well known vixen of Trump's Celebrity Apprentice show from a few years back, but who is she really?..and what exactly is her role within 45 adminstration.??  

Omarosa Manigault now holds an important position inside the White House. Her rise has sent black Republicans into an existential crisis as they find themselves trying to get a seat at the table. Many see her as the main force of Trump's half-butt attempts at reaching across the aisle to the Black community.

The reality is that if you are black, or concerned with issues affecting black America, with black politics, policy, or culture, Omarosa Manigault is the person standing between you and the president of the United a scary thought.  

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  1. Omarosa has been striving to redeem herself since her Apprentice days as an ordained minister. Since Trump opened so many doors for her, it is only natural for her to be in his administration. The challenge is for her to be a voice of reason protecting our intetests in Washington. From what I read and seen, she is struggling in this area. Conversely, Dr. Randall Pickett, another Apprentice winner, has not been a supporter of Trump's campaign. No matter where people stand currently, she is the individual we will have to deal with her as the liaison between our race and Trump.


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