Get Out Of Here: 45 Has Been Announced As The Liberty University Commencement Speaker!!

Reader, aren't commencement speakers supposed to give great advice to graduates about their futures and how to succeed? We all know those students want be getting that from 45, he mostly going to talk about himself and how "great" he is, microwave cameras, poll numbers, etc. To think, they consider themselves to be a "Christian University" to let a sexual assaulting, lying, racist narcissistic person like 45 speak there? What a horrible mentor for those young adults.

Liberty University Students Divided Over 45 as Commencement Speaker


  1. Once you seriously research all of these presidents, you will become enlightened to realize that they all are the same, in one way or the other. That's why we put our trust solely in the Lord in all things. Man will fail us, but God never does.

  2. Liberty University you are embarrassing all the students that work so hard for their degrees...someone like frumpy has no religion and good in him..he says horrible lies...have some respect for your school, the staff and the students..

  3. Natasshia Roxanne HallThursday, 23 March, 2017

    Joshua, I agree, the same people that think former President Obama is a Muslim are the same people that think Trump is a Christian. Think about that. 🤔. Electing Trump exposed the religious right to be the hypocrites we always knew they were.

  4. UGH! Not surprising seeing as who the college president is. I'm a Christ Follower and I wouldn't step a big toe in that commencement ceremony. I feel bad for the students graduating. They deserve better than this.

  5. Here is a man that scammed folks with Trump U. and paid $25 million dollars in fines and he will speak...on what? Ethics...honesty....values ?? Liberty U. Your students deserve better.

  6. Ms. Ann Wait, let me get this straight. A university is asking someone with the vocabulary and language skills of a 4th grader to deliver the address? That is a doggone shame.

    1. A FOURTH GRADER ISN'T A BILLIONAIRE. TRUMP IS A BILLIONAIRE. Your point is moot! No matter how you slice it, Donald Trump is Rightfully the President. So nyuh nyuh!

    2. He,he, a billionaire who got the knowledge of a 4th grader, what you say. I'm shoot my self before I sit through that.

  7. Extremely disappointed that Trump would be asked to deliver commencement speech at Liberty this year.

  8. Lady Brock, I am not surprised at all that Liberty University would invite 45. The person that founded the University was a Racist. These White Evangelical Christians could care less that 45 is a habitual liar, adulter, racist,narrisst, braggs about sexual assault on women, slum lord, not a CHRISTIAN most of all. Has no MORALS OR VALUES. But because he is a white male that makes it ok. They make excuses for him . I wouldn't let my dog let alone my child attend Liberty University. They are a DISGRACE TO GPD AND TO CHRISTIANITY AND THE STUDENTS to let 45 give anykind of speech to the students. What could he possible say to the students to give them encouragement, guidance,self respect, God fearing, buisness skills. He can't cause he is so belligerent, ignorant, needs to take a language class, speech class, learn how to speak in public. My 12 year old niece that's been in school since she was 2 years old. Could do a better job. DISCUSTING


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