Emergency Town Hall Meeting: We The People Of Flint!!

Reader, it's been over 1000 days of no clean water for the residents of Flint, MI. There's a call for all those who can get to Flint, MI today to let's be there to attend this town hall meeting.

 This city needs all of our help to get there lives back. This is not just a Flint, MI issue, it's an American issue. We can not allow anyone in this country to be without the necessities of life. To many lives are at stake here and so many already lost, we must help Flint, MI. 


  1. Miss Ann,

    It is sad that the people of Flint have been so forgotten by their leaders and representatives. However, I do not think that this town hall will benefit the Flint communities. And here is why... "FIRST TRINITY M.B.C PRESENTS..." It's going to be a show.

    If Bryant et al truly cared, then they should instead have converted the accommodation and travel expenses (and then some) to purchase clean water for those in need.

    The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want...


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