Are *Pastors* Now Burning Their Churches Down To Collect The Insurance Money?!??!

Reader it's being alleged by Pastor Thaddeus Matthews out of the Memphis TN area, that Pastor Stephen L. Brown might be guilty of burning his own churches down.

According to Matthews, "Brown has had two fires at his church.....the first church fire got him $400,000, now he had a second church "electrical fire" where he filed a $1.1 million dollar claim that has been denied by the insurance company....the word on the street is that he is planning to appeal because his building has been condemned and that he was renting from Bridges.

My advice is not to appeal, pushing the insurance company before the FEDS get involved. The constant fires are suspicious and will cause an investigation. Just a word of advice."


  1. Once again another crooked pastor trying to get over on God people....once again wake up and stop paying these fools to take your money.

  2. Ann I live in Memphis this is great guy and he is not going to reply back to Mr. Matthew because there nothing to reply back to. This man gives back to the community on a regular I've seen him give thousands to the homeless, give members cars, pay tuition, gas to the neighborhood. He has helped so many young people. Guarantee you he not losing any sleep about this. I've never heard his name in any scandal. If this man was a crook I'm sure the police would have arrested him by now.

  3. I think this young pastor better take heed! Thaddeus Matthews has not thrown any insults at this man's character or what he does! He only reached out to say stop what you're doing before you open a new chapter to a crime, fraud and a lot of embarrassment and shame.

  4. One fire is bad enough, but to have a second one?!?!

    If he didn't burn his own church down, then MAYBE God is trying to tell him to find another way to serve.

    1. Cop I have to agree with you two fires is very suspect....he might need to leave that insurance money along before he find himself being investigated for fraud.


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