Was Travis Greene Support Of Donald Trump Reason For The Cancellation Of The Worship Tour?

Reader Anthony Brown, Jonathan McReynolds & Travis Greene apologize for canceling ‘The Worship Tour. Online rumors are alleged that Travis Greens support of Donald Trump is one of the reasons for tickets sales to plummet. According to the groups PR all of a suddenly it seems to have been an issue with management. A lot of folks are upset who were looking forward to being in the number at the Worship Tour. 

A couple of months ago during an exclusive Facebook Live event, Anthony Brown & group therAPy, Travis Greene and Jonathan McReynolds announced The Worship Tour. A highly-anticipated tour presented by Live Nation, in partnership with The Sovereign Agency and Pop Nation Live, the tour will kick off on February 21, 2017 in St. Louis, MO with 16 additional dates across the country including New York City, Charlotte, Atlanta, Nashville, Dallas, Los Angeles and more.

Unfortunately, the most anticipated worship tour has been canceled due to circumstances beyond control. The trio has apologized through their various handles. 


  1. They knows why it was cancelled. Just tell the truth and shame the devil as my Grandmother would say. Folks do stuff and don't think that there will be consequences for there actions. But now they are seeing that it is. The most effective weapon you can use against these artists, preachers, retailers, any other organizations that support Donald J.Trump and any of his families businesses is not to give them any financial support. Hit them where it hurts there finances. Actions speak louder than words
    # Grab Your Wallet # How can anyone say that they are a True Christian. Christian means being Christ like. And support a person that truly has no attributes pertaining Jesus Christ Our Lord And Savior. I am just keeping it honest. Yes Lord!!!

    1. Anonymous I so agree. Travis Greene took time out to explain why he would perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration. He says that it was God’s will for him to attend and that his wife, family and friends are in full support of his performance. I wonder what happened to all that support? Although he knew that there was much controversy that would come from his participation, Greene says that he’s going to do what he was lead to do. Well we see now what the end result of that decision has become.

  2. The backlash ain't playing with these sell out negros.It's swift and on time.

  3. This is awful that these two friends had to lose out because of Travis Green... Donald Trump had already made it abundantly clear how he feels about black people.

    1. What did Trump say about bkack people???

  4. So Travis Greene went through with his performance for Hitler...oops I mean Donald Trump ����...not that I care that he performed but I see now how his career will be afterwards like support wise hmmm.

  5. Miss Ann,

    Greene must've interpreted DT's check for a blessing and an opening to future opportunities. That's what most folks are after these days. They assume the more $$$, the more blessings.

    Reminder: Jesus told the rich young man to sell EVERYTHING and follow him (Matthew 19:21). Jesus knows that those who give up worldly possessions for his sake are truly the ride or die kind (Mark 10:29-30).

    Greene knows nothing about that unfortunately!

    If his heart wasn't set on the pay check, he would have continued with the tour, regardless.

    The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want...

  6. If the cancelation was due to backlash from appearing at DTs presidential inauguration, let's bring some understanding.
    Have you ever wondered where/how Travis Greene just popped up?Where did he come from? What label is he on? He's signed to Sony. (You know, wiki leaks/email hacked Sony) He has no say in the matter. Sony is his master and he must go where they say or get cut off. He's in covenant (contract) to Sony. Not defending or justifying his appearance. Just stating the actuality of his situation. Don't be mislead by these,gospel artists quotes. The are bound to a secularly run, contracted and secular (im)morality industry.


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