Spiritual Warfare Alert: Satan Is A Transsexual Too!!

Reader here's a very interesting message from the LORD thru His Servant Mack Major at Eden Decoded: 

 "When the LGBT and those who support the gay agenda celebrate ‘free love’ and love wins,’ THIS is what you are really supporting. This is what homosexuality REALLY looks like. Because when you engage in, practice or support any element of the LGBT lifestyle, you’re really supporting Baphomet. And Baphomet is simply another term or name for Lucifer; better known as the Serpent, Satan and the Devil…’Satan Is a Transsexual Too.’


  1. Sis. Brock, I KNOW that homosexuality and All of these new sexual perversions are of the devil and ungodly. But, where did this man get this MESS from? God...Really? I realize that there are many things we don't understand....The Word of God says so. But to come up with some of these 'new fangled doctrines and philosophies' puts up a red flag for me. Who is this man? I/we have heard of some CRAZY so called Prophesies and Revelations. We need to discern "strictly" by the Word of God. Read the book of Galatians about such heresies that got them in trouble. I'm not going to corrupt my mind with some of this stuff. EVEN SO, the devil is wicked in ALL aspects. So, don't get blown over by some of these tactics. Pulling someone's pants down.... WHATEVER!! It "may be" true, BUT, I'm listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit. In Christ Alone, RLR.

  2. CONTINUED....YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS ABOUT THIS "CON MAN"... REALLY! I just YouTube'd a video of him in some club with all that cussing. And this article is is SUPPOSED to be from God. WHAT....ARE YOU SERIOUS! Come on Church, are WE that blind and IGNORANT of the Word Of God?? NUFF SAID!! ONLY JESUS! In Christ Alone, RLR.

    1. @ RLR,

      I'm so with you on this one. I read the first few sentences and I decided to skim through the rest but I couldn't take in much. It just didn't sit well with my spirit. Most of what he is saying is assumed and NOT scriptually sound.

      For him to say that the devil is androgynous and placing all these wicked imagery all over the web page is a huge red flag waving miles out.

      Please read the entire bible and understand what God is saying.

      We mustn't as believers be pulled away from the WORD of God by strange doctrines that do not emphasize the importance of living according to the precepts of God.

      The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want...

  3. I'm confused, what I got from this is the pursuit of self-will is the core of Satanism, which is tied to witchcraft. Because witchcraft in itself is a form of Satanism. Witchcraft is rebellion, which core is the placement of self-will above the will of God. Aka the root of all sin.

  4. Also the word speaks against cross dressing so I wouldn't put it past Satan to try to blur the lines. Don't be the pot asking potter why you made me this way. A little leaven levels the whole loaf.Man is already in the natural disposition to do what pleases them. This is why we must guard our hearts, and be mindful of the way, anD to what extent are we willing to have our way.

  5. Ha ha straight foolishness.

    -Big Chris


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