Perry Noble Returns To Pulpit 7 Months After Being Fired For Alcohol Abuse!!

Reader so, Perry Noble is back in the pulpit (everyone is not happy about it) at least for one time anyway....thanks to none other than Steven Furtick. Noble was fired from NewSpring Church over the summer for abusing alcohol and making "unfortunate choices they told the congregation." 

Facebook Comment:
"I wish Perry Noble would just go get a job as a department manager at Walmart or Target... like most ministers who have a serious moral failure do, and are serious about overcoming their problems, rebuilding their character, and eventually being restored into ministry. Looking to launch a second career as a church consultant and guest speaker so shortly after being fired for alcoholism and other issues is a seriously bad sign."đź‘€

Perry went on to seek professional help and treatment. But this weekend, for the first time in months, Perry returned to the pulpit to the preach a sermon—this time at Charlotte’s Elevation Church, the megachurch pastored by Steven Furtick.


  1. This is why pastoring a church SHOULD NOT BE CONSIDERED A CAREER!!!

    Because when they abuse their power to enrich themselves, sleep around and (in the case a Perry Noble) refuses to give up the position when YOU KNOW YOU WRONG (AKA PRIDE),
    Then they have no other job skills and their only way to make a living is to return to a pulpit that they are NO LONGER QUALIFIED TO OCCUPY.

    Then along come slick Steve who LOWERS the bar and props Perry back in the position of leadership.

    1. Cop,

      They never qualified to be pastors in the first place, but were provided the opportunity for some reason other than truly called of God.

      Unfortunately for them, it is hard to keep up with the "act".

      Even if one has a doctorate in Theology, if they don't live according to God's commandments, they are NOT qualified!

      The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want...

  2. Some are called. Some are chosen. Some called themselves. Salvation is a lifestyle not a career. He should have went to college or a technical school. And got a career. These folks needs to stop the drama and the madness. He misses the limelight and the money. He needs to get SAVED. Get some professional mental health counseling. And get under a serious ministry that's going to hold him accountable. And be a PEW sitter. And nothing else. My niece is 12 and she knows the BIBLE and she could get a degree in Theology. So it's not that hard. If he had a degree in Nuclear Physics it would be different. He is the biggest con artist. And the pastor that invited him needs to be ashamed of himself. Both are Narrisst. They both feel that they are superior to the folks that they are preaching to. If the folks had any discernment,and was truly SAVED and SANCTIFIED they should have walked out. Why sit under this leadership when the person doesn't care about SOULS only about being popular. This is not pleasing in the eyesight of GOD. IJS


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