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New Web Series “10 minutes with Teddy & Tina” Debuts On YouTube!

 Reader will you be watching? Totally not interested. I don't think this is a good idea. Seems like a set up to be humiliated once again. How can they give advice so soon?  No offense I could see her doing this maybe a few years after staying with him and them fully recovered from his infidelity but right now it's too soon and I can't see really getting advice sorry, wish them many blessings in their marriage though.

Teddy and Tina Campbell are hoping their marriage will be a source of guidance to others, through their new web series "10 Minutes with Ted and Tina". “We want to share our perspective on life, love, family and faith,” the Mary Mary singer says in a short Youtube video.  


  1. Miss Ann,

    Every opportunity to get the next coin works for these kind of people. I always hoped they would get away from the limelight and go work on their marriage without being in the spotlight. None of them has wisdom though.

    All Miss Tina has to do is play her emotions out on how she wanted to kill her husband and herself when she found out about his infidelity. And all Teddy has to do, is watch her while listening out for the sound of change rolling in - kaching!!! $$$.

    Proverbs 31 talks of the virtuous woman opening her mouth with wisdom. Tina ain't got that. Titus 2 talks of how young women should be discreet (that is, sensible, cautious, discerning, having foresight, reasonable, restrained,wise...); Miss Tina ain't got that either.

    It is known that Teddy does have issues keeping himself from wandering out of his marriage. But putting him and his wife front and center of sharing their perspective on life, love, family, and faith is rather farfetched. It makes me wonder if any of them does ask God for wisdom or if they really believe in the LORD Jesus.

    The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want...

  2. Smh. They gotta put in some years. Major. I been married to my Michele coming up 9 yrs, same woman, her the same man, me lol. My mom and dad married for 52yrs.. These folks Teddy & Tina can't tell us nothing... absolutely zero....

  3. Everybody claims to be an expert....But wisdom comes with age...You can't tell me how to get out of the he woods until you have been through the woods

    1. Lord hekp,

      "The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom; and the knowledge of the holy is understanding." (Proverbs 9:10)

      The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want...

  4. Okay, they had premarital sex then he continued to cheat on her after they were married. Hell he was cheating for years with multiple women. Tina needs to go sit in a corner and get her thoughts all the way together before she speaks again.

    1. Anonymous,

      I watched the couple's first episode and caught that fact that he cheated on her after they got married. But from the whole context of it, it seems he was ALWAYS cheating on her. He said something to the effect that he was a ladies' man. Not sure if Tina does listen to her husband. But if it was me and he said made that statement, sirens would be going off in my head.


      The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want...

  5. She and her husband aren't people I want to take advice from, but thanks anyway.

  6. She is just one pitterful EXCUSE for a woman. She needs some professional mental health counseling. They both needs to be under a very Strict and Powerful leader to show them the way of being a Married SAVED Couple. They can't give anyone no kind of advice on NOTHING. Get y'all stupid , ignorant, Self righteous selves off YouTube and get some counseling. Folks aren't laughing with you they are laughing at y'all. If he cheated on you before you was married that was a sign. You can't buy love. You needs to take shackles off your mind and feet and keep it moving. Tina you give Black Women and representative of what a Black Woman should and shouldn't do. You are truly one of the Silly Women the BIBLE was talking about. Bye Felicia. You are worst than Scandal. Thinking every successful Black Woman will settle for anything cause he's a White Man.


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