Majority Of White Evangelicals Believe You Have To Be Christian To Be Truly American.

Reader so 57% of white evangelicals say being a Christian is very important for being truly American.  Christianity is not exclusive to white people, nor is it American religion. We are made up of a whole bunch of different races and religions and there is nothing wrong with that. While being a Christian is very important for any American, people must understand that you can also be an American and not be a Christian. After all, an American is defined as an inhabitant or native of the United States, or someone born to at least one American parent.


  1. Most of these "evangelicals" are just as confused as the day is long!! To them, if you mention God...or talk about Him...or SAY that you are a Christian, then you are. But the word "Christian" means "Christ-like!" That definiton alone excludes many of us - church-goers and so-called evangelicals alike.

    The character of Christ is gentle, meek, tempered (need I go on?), righteous, joyful and peacful. The death of Bishop Long, the death of Black men at the hands of police and the Presidential election (and I detest Trump's business ethics so I absolutely could not vote for him to become President), and the online language, posts and persona of many claiming to be "Christian," shows anything BUT Christ-likeness. Christ did not condemn-he wept over sin, and offered restoration and forgiveness. Christ didn't cuss and direct people to his hind parts when conversations grew heated. Christ didn't expose the wrongs of those He came to minister to...not even Judas. But instead, covered them and offered them forgiveness. Christ never sought to avoid, move away from, remain silent or change the narrative in the face of injustice, concerning ugly issues, the way evangelicals do.

    The KKK says THEY are "Christians." (How DAT work)? What distinguishes us, and evangelicals, from them? Going to church? Serving on the choir...the usher board... speaking in tongues?

    The only criteria the Bible gives for identifying Christians, is love.

    Going by the scriptures, evangelicals WAY off base!!

    When evangelicals can show the same love, acceptance and impartiality to people of color that they show to their own, THEN they can claim Christianity. Until then, they confessing the Bible clearly shows they do not possess!!

    Furthermore, there's nothing "great" about a country that has stolen so much, devalued and dehumanized so many, and shed so much innocent blood. Any evangelical excited over the "Make America Great Again" campaign CERTAINLY isn't Christ-like.

    Making claims to Christianity while acting, living like and showing the character of Satan, is an oxymoron. And, moronic.

  2. White Evangelical Christians think that just cause they are White and say anything about JESUS Christ that means they are Christians. They volunteer at a homeless shelter that makes them a Christian,they go to church once a month that makes them a Christian,they give money to the Salvation Army that makes them a Christian. And oh yeah if they give to a charity that specifically for a certain minority groups you better believe they think that are Christians. While Evangelical Christians have a totally different view of GOD then any other nationality. They think that they are better. Billy Graham said for years that African American weren't going to heaven. Then when he found out he was dying he repented. Being a Christian means being Christ like. It doesn't mean being a Racist, Narcissist, Unloving,Unkind,Evil, Mean,Wicked and Nasty,being Satan's son. Trump represents Satan in everything he says and what he does. But that's executable to the White Evangelical Christians cause he is a White Man. IJS

    1. Obama represents Satan in everything he says and what he did and DOES. Go worship at the altar of 0bama...Since that's what most Black folks do! He will answer to God for funding millions of dollars to murder infants in the womb!

    2. Please explain white Evangelical view of God vs black evangelical view of God. You said white white Evangelical have a total different view than any other nationality. I know this will not be hard to answer for you since you have sooooo much to say. Again, how does white Evangelical view God? How does black evangelicals view God?

  3. The Title of the article “Majority of White Evangelicals BELIEVE YOU HAVE TO BE CHRISTIAN to Be Truly American” is very misleading according to the Article itself. The article says “A majority of white evangelical Protestants say it is VERY IMPORTANT TO BE CHRISTIAN to be a true American, and ABOUT A THIRD OF ALL AMERICANS ALSO BELIEVE THE SAME, according to a survey by the Pew Research Center. Note the difference in something being “VERY IMPORTANT” and “HAVE TO BE”. In the article, it gives statistics about a third of ALL AMERICAN. Not just “white evangelicals”. So let’s not SLANT to talk ONLY about the “white evangelicals”. I’m beginning to wonder if folks here are being paid to “RACE BAIT”, the REAL TROLLS…

    The article goes on to say “Fifty-seven percent of white evangelicals make a strong connection between their nationality and Christianity, the survey shows, noting that the percentage drops down to 29 percent among white mainline Protestants, and to 27 percent among Catholics.”

    Not that I’m big on numbers especially as it pertains to “TRUE CHRISTIANITY”, but to uses the number from this mere poll to state “Christianity is not exclusive to white people, nor is it an American religion” is WAY OFF BASE!

    Again, according to this article explains “A majority of white evangelical Protestants say it is VERY IMPORTANT to be Christian to be a true American, and ABOUT A THIRD OF ALL AMERICANS ALSO BELIEVE THE SAME”. If Christianity is the ONE and ONLY way to God, who gave His SON to die for mankind and live according to His purpose, why would it not be “IMPORTANT” to be CHRISTIAN to be a “TRUE” American”? .

    It is important for us to be Christians to be True Husbands, True Wives, TRUE Children, TRUE employees, TRUE employers, TRUE Citizens…TRUE AMERICANS...In order for us to be true our calling and our vocation, we must BE TRUE Christians. It is the Christian God who created all things and cited man’s purpose, and gave him the he needs to accomplish His TRUE work for living.



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