Florida State Rep. Kimberly Daniels Went On Facebook Live Sunday Morning To Stop The Witches And Warlocks From Casting Spells On Donald Trump.

Reader, does the Bible really commands Christians to pray for Trump? When it comes to Donald Trump the foolishness continually rolls on day after day. Some witches from around the world made news when saying they’re going to cast a spell on Donald Trump in order to prevent him from harming anybody else in the world.  This have not set to well with some Christians on social media. 

This past Sunday morning the newly elected Florida State Rep and longtime friend of Apostle John Eckhardt and Brian Carn's co-laborer in the Gospel Kimberly Daniels went on Facebook Live to call for prayers on behalf of Donald Trump.

Forget the witches and warlocks, the unsettling fact that Ms. Daniels a servant of the people who elected her thinks that Donald Trump is a great man, should tell us all what kind of mind Ms. Daniels is working with.


  1. 1 Tim 2:2
    Pray this way for kings and all who are in authority so that we can live peaceful and quiet lives marked by godliness and dignity.

    -Big Chris

    1. Also a good link of this topic:



    2. @ Chris,

      Amen on 1 Timothy 2:2!

      Indeed it is for our peace and quiet that we should pray for our leaders.

      The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want...

  2. She is a Liar, THIEF ,Money Laundering, False Prophet, Ghetto, Woman who uses witchcraft practices herself to CON folks. She messed with a Married Man he left his wife married her. Now they are divorced and there divorced papers are public records. It was disgusting how all there Buisness was put on media and Facebook how crooked she is. She is nothing more than a limelight,Ghetto seeking person that wants the attention drawn to get. Why she's not telling President Donald J.Trump to stop being a Racist , Bully, Narcissist and get SAVED and DELIVERED and SET FREE. We are praying but this foolishness needs to stop with these political folks that are preacher's that only speak out when it's convenient for them to get noticed. She didn't say anything not one word when she was campaigning for office about Trump. She was to busy lying and scandalizing her opponent. Which was nothing but LIES, LIES,LIES. BYE FELICIA

  3. Who has first hand info that President Trump is racist? What is your evidence that has caused you to conclude the whole matter and judge him to be racist?
    Characterizing someone as racist is a very slanderous accusation! Not one of the many persons who met the new President in Trump Tower, including those who did not vote for him, had negative things to say about him. Are you 100% sure that the President is racist? Or are you, like witches, being used by the accuser of the brethren to keep accusing him? If you were evaluated by the identical standard that you have employed to conclude 100% that Trump is racist to the extent of spreading your conclusion to complete strangers, would you be vindicated? Are you sure that YOU are not racist?
    How would you prove it? Will you give Trump the same benefit of a doubt?
    I encourage you to be open minded before visciating someone's character...especially the President.

  4. Are President Obama and Hilary racist against Christians? Do you support them?
    Key policies of Obama and Clinton:
    Proliferation of the savage murder of people yet to be born.
    Archetict and leader of the ratified initiative to desecrate marriage. Marriage is a metaphor for the relationship of Christ and His church.
    They believe gender is a choice but sexuality is not.
    Gave direction to public schools to allow boys and girls to use bathrooms based on the gender they choose rather than the one they're born with.
    Committed to appointing liberal judges to the Supreme Court to further push this immoral agenda.
    Hostile towards the state of Israel.
    Refuse to acknowledge that radical Muslims are the primary perpetrators of terror and murder.
    Why does the black community, including followers of Messiah, give 90+% of our vote to persons with such policies?

  5. U Reap what you sowe!!
    A time to pray and a time to cease from praying .

    1. Nope young lady. Can't let you come here and lie like that. There is never a time to cease from praying. As a matter of fact Scriptures teaches "Pray without ceasing. In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you" I Thes. 5:17,18. You should have learned that one in Sunday School.



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