Did Jesus Trust The Bible, Every Word Of It?

Reader Pastor Rick Warren posted the following to social media which has some of his followers scratching their heads: 
"Jesus trusted the Bible — every word of it! He taught that the Bible was a unique book, above all the others. Jesus believed every single sentence, every single word of Scripture." 

Now, I get Jesus quoting and trusting The Old Testament. But The New Testament wasn't even compiled and canonized until several centuries later. Jesus wrote not one thing down that we know of. In fact, he passed on the tradition orally. Does this seem like a confusing graphic?  


  1. This is plain old STUPID. Even a 5 year old would know, JESUS IS GOD and He does not TRUST, HE IS TO BE TRUSTED!. As GOD eternal, HE came as man in THE FLESH to do the will of HIS father. For anyone Rick Warren (shows his 2 cent understanding on sometime simple) included to entertain such foolishness is really spiritually illiterate.


    1. Miss Ann & Get Outta Here!!!

      Warren must have skipped right over the Gospel of John 1. For his information (someone please let him know), Jesus is the WORD of God made flesh!

      "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made. In him was life; and the life was the light of men." John 1:1 - 4

      Warren must be the darkness that cannot comprehend this light (John 1:5).

      The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want...

    2. Oooo Weee "Shepherd"...LOLOLOL...

      Plain and simple.

      And these folks are wearing "titles".


    3. Exactly..Amen and Amen! Rick Warren wrote that book..."Purpose Driven Life" and it sold Thousands/ Millions(?) and he was/is esteemed to be a 'Big Time' Church leader. But, I've always had 'Red Flags' about him (In some ways). This is why "Discernment by the Holy Spirit is so vital". A while back he hooked up with Oprah about something and she IS NOT someone to be aligned with...Don't care what TD Jakes says. We need to study to show ourselves approved, RIGHTLY dividing the Word Of Truth. As ya'll stated, "Jesus IS THE WORD" and HE IS THE WAY, TRUTH, AND LIFE. We live through/in HIM Because HIS Word IS TRUE. In Christ Alone,

  2. Rick Warren has lost his everlasting mind. The Old Testament yes I believe. But certainly not the New Testament. Our Lord Jesus Christ was the Word of God in the Flesh. I guess cause he is a White Evangelical Christian that we are supposed to believe everything that comes out of his mouth. Wrong. I don't know what Bible he is reading nor do I know what deep inner spirit told him that but it wasn't the. Holy Ghost. He is so far out in left field that even Alex Rodriguez couldn't hit a home run. He needs to get SAVED and ask GOD for Wisdom,Knowledge and Understanding of HIS Holy Word. Cause it apparent that he doesn't understand it. IJS

  3. Rick is 100% correct on this. Scripture is to be TRUSTED! Jesus trusted it and so should we.

    He said scripture so for Jesus time it was the OT. For us it's both. His point remains either way, scripture is scripture and should be trusted COMPLETED. And if Jesus is our example, which he is, then we are to trust it as well.

    -Big Chris+opher

    1. *COMPLETELY (auto speller on my phone always messing things up lol)������


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