Critics Are Questioning Why A Church And School Need A Police Department??

Reader, America is such a police state, its churches are asking to be granted their own police departments with their own police jurisdiction. Briarwood Presbyterian Church in Birmingham, Alabama has officially requested to have its own police department, a request that is currently making its way through the state’s legislature. The church, which runs a Jefferson County campus and a Shelby County high school, claims its own police force is necessary to, “create a safer campus in a fallen world,” according to ABC33|40. 

Rep. Arnold Mooney, a Republican from Shelby County, has sponsored a bill to allow the church to have its own police department. The bill has already been approved by the Alabama legislature’s Public Safety Committee. Churches asking for their own police jurisdiction… what a slippery slope. “What do we do when other church affiliates come and ask for the same thing?” questioned Rep. Mary Moore (D-Birmingham). “They’re not a college. They’re a church and they’re a church asking for police jurisdiction.” On the other hand, former police chief Rep. Connie Rowe (R- Jasper) supports the bill (of course) and would be open to requests for other churches to have their own police departments as well.


  1. NO!!!

    They don't care about a "FALLEN WORLD"

    They just don't want to pay a security company to protect "THEIR SCHOOL"

    So they want to ask the government to protect it free of charge.

    And because the church DOESN'T PAY TAXES it will be up to the rest of the state to cover the cost.

    They ain't slick, they're greedy.

    1. @ Cop,



      And since it is a church, wouldn't they declare and believe that God would give his angels charge over them? (Psalm 91:11).

      The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want...


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