Black History Facts: Why Ushers Wore White Gloves.

Reader once upon a time "The Black Church" was the center of the Black community. There were a lot of tradition but there also were family and a sense of community. Both of my parents use to smile as they spoke of their childhoods and grandparents growing up during hard times.   I cherish their stories.

I hear that this was an old slave tradition. Slaves were asked to put their arms behind their backs so they could be watched to be sure they were not stealing the money. They also wore the white gloves because again they were not trusted and the white church members did not want to touch their skin. My understanding is back during slavery time when the slave served in white churches they had to wear white gloves and place the one hand behind the the slaves wouldn't take from the offering plate as they served aisles to aisles why ushering.

Happy Black History Month:

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  1. Who did you hear it from? Where is your source?

    1. I'm from the hills of Alabama that information was passed on by my great great grandmother. If you do a little research you might be surprised at what you will find.


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