After All The Backlash "PASTOR DONNIE MCCLURKIN APOLOGIZES" Says He Was Wrong!!

Reader, I posted his original opinion about 'just pray and stop protesting,' so now I will post his apology for saying that. I respect him for being humble enough to acknowledge his error. I appreciate and can be especially loyal to a leader who can admit and acknowledge when they are wrong, rather than one who will not even acknowledge their errors. 

Thank you, Pastor McClurkin, for straightening this mess out. It's a little lengthy, but worth hearing out. Churching is not enough. Protesting injustice and unrighteousness is in the very fabric of our DNA.  


  1. Another WEAK KNEE INTIMIDATED MAN. I wouldn't apologize FOR NOTHING... Like Charles Barkley didn't APOLOGIZE for calling Dallas Texas women "Big Women" (Some of them are just like here in my city). Don't care what you think. Just keep on complaining about this Devilish movement/ protesting MESS. I wouldn't join if someone PAID me. God is my source and I wouldn't put my Trust in ANY of these So-Called 'Activists'. SO, whatever you think is up to you...I know what the TRUE Scripture's reveal. I just thank God that I'm not caught up in some of this foolishness. BTW, I WOULD "RUN" FROM BEYONCE' & HER HUSBAND. ONLY JESUS! In Christ Alone, RLR.

    1. Rev Kareem A. Christian is that you? LOL.

      Good for Donnie, there is no harm in saying that he was wrong.

    2. @Anonymous no... I stand on what I said... "No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God."

      1. Protests are effective when there are follow up plans in place. (Just to call together a million people to walk down the street but have no strategic plans to improve our conditions is a waste of resources.)

      2. Improvements must be made on old methods.

      3. We can't follow baiters who come in and incite riots and leave us to pick up the pieces.

  2. Miss Ann,

    I stand by what I said about McClurkin when he said what he said. He now looks like an empty cloud carried about (2 Peter 2:17-22) and not a man of God standing on the WORD of God and rightly dividing it (2 Timothy 2:15).

    I bet the most recent service plate collection was low, church had a crisis meeting, McClurkin needed to apologize before mid week. Next church service, collection should be better.

    The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want...

  3. I guess his church members and his Presiding Bishop Marvin Woman and those near empty offerings. Plus no engagements he couldn't take it anymore. He had to do a 365° . He's a PUNK if truly believed in what he said. Then he should be a man and stand by his words.

  4. Part 1You are correct Anonymous RLR. And also I appreciate Barkley's stance on Lebron, lol.. but that's another conversation. Now (pause) you got to stand for what you believe #1. Yes, when injustice is evident, something needs to be said. My dad who's 72 tells me of the unbelievable stories of what he went thru growing up. Some folks believe those days are coming back to black folks today 2017. NOT! Smh. What the end game really is, will be towards those that believe Jesus. It’s in the Bible, duh. So all this paranoia of black folks gettin' shipped back home smh, I've even been getting on the Internet seeing black ministers saying, "ya'll we in trouble, we gotta stick together and go against this man in office cause we'll loose everything!" LOOK WE IN THE LAST DAYS, WE ALREADY HAVE LOST ALMOST EVERYTHING EXCEPT THANK GOD THE BIBLE. You know I been sittin' back watching and reading. Trump this, white folks this, them white evangelicals this & that. And yes, I'm gonna go there. The man is outta office I know, but was there any word or outrage from any of these black preachers saying anything against Obama when he said he believed in marriage between a man and woman then flipped the script on everything that one could imagine later on to approve homosexuality as ok or even dare I say cool and good? No. Why? He's black. Now I know some of you reading this are rolling your eyes and telling me to let it go and move on cause there's a new controller in office. That's correct. But you can forget it. If anyone was the ultimate trader, if you will against black folks was Obama. You all have to understand that we can't just be calling on God and protesting all because the subject matter currently is racism and it's Trump in office. Check it: You all mark my word. Those that protest against Trump because they deem him as racist will join forces with the LGBTQ, feminist movement and individuals who want to do away with the very mention of God. They will join hand in hand in marching because the common goal is peace. Sounds nice doesn't it? That's the ONE WORLD ORDER of GLOBALISM.

  5. Part 2 That's how satan works. Look, I know I know.. Trump is off the chain in many ways, but like I said, the decisions there has been a door open like we've never seen before from the last administration. During the Superbowl, ya'll notice how no one(especially preachers) is saying anything about the soft subtle images thrown in our faces of the same-sex of individuals showing affection towards each other? Not a word. There’s a new commercial that popped up in my face on youtube that shows a BLACK MAN who goes to church with his mom. He wanted to announce in his church that he’s HIV positive and he’s yes, gay. The commercial softens one’s heart. Yes, the brother needs prayer and we must love him, but there’s dark agenda that’s been created like never before from the man who left offi ce. As for Trump, he's no angel I got it. I will pray and believe God and I do understand going against systems that are set against us as black folks. However I'm not going to join forces with individuals who literally hate God and want the Bible done away with, you can forget that. Donnie did not explain himself fully the first time he made his original statements. Either way, it wouldn't have matter because of the temperature and political climate of what's happening right now. He'd be tarred and feather anyway. As for Beyonce & JayZ, these two are possessed by satan and potentially sending many young folks to hell. I mean this joker JayZ got a song called "Lucifer." And don't give me this freedom of expression excuse. GET OUTTA HERE, LIKE THE OTHER ANONYMOUS SAYS, LOL! And as for Beyonce, this woman is worshiped like I've never seen before and it's sickening. And all because she is a financially successful black woman here on this earth, I ain't gone back her. Their lyrics possess a trance like satanic hypnotic effect on the listener. From this woman's songs, Partition, If I were a boy, 6 inch.. God is in none of this mess, only satan himself. Period. From Ms. Ann's last posting of church folks coming down on Beyonce but yet worshiping there pastor. I definitely understand this reasoning. However, I believe in respecting and honoring the Pastor of the church, Nope I ain't gonna worship him. But I'll say this... the worshiping of the Pastor is NOWHERE near the level of worship this woman Beyonce and JayZ gets. It's unreal.

  6. Yep...injustice goes both ways. My Dad was born in 1909 and died in 1994 at the age of 84. Oh yes, he could tell a whole bunch of stories. BUT, one thing about it, he was committed to God.... AND, as I commented, he taught me and my siblings not to get caught up in SOME of this talk about what black folks went through (even though we grew up in the South.. GEORGIA). That's why I trust completely in God...Not what MAN may try to do to me... I'M FREE IN CHRIST JESUS... PERIOD! I'm not just going to close my eyes, but I sleep good at night NOT worrying about what SOME white, black, any folks, may say or do. JESUS IS LORD! I pray that we will come to the point of forgetting SOME of this 'culture' stuff and trust God on EVERY stand. BTW, my Dad DID NOT allow me and my siblings to watch the movie ROOTS. My opinion, all some of this stuff does is stir up strife and hatred. "Who the SON sets FREE, is FREE INDEED". In Christ Alone, RLR.

  7. Good for Donnie! As an African American, I'm extremely grateful that the many Christians who participated in the 1960's Civil Rights movement didn't just "pray" and not do anything else. I'm of the opinion that people of all backgrounds, faiths, and beliefs can and should unite for the greater good.

    1. Thank you, thank you, least we forget how we got where we are. It wasn't just people sitting in church praying, they got out and ACTED !!!!!!

  8. Another weak man that allow people to bully him into an apology. This is ridiculous.


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