A Salute to Black History!

Reader this post is in celebrations of Black History Month, which started yesterday February 1,2017. The Old Black Church will be doing a posting and acknowledging of our history via the church each day of February. I will be posting things that are and once was a part of the construct of the black church.


  1. We have come this far by faith. Leaning and depending on our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We as a people should be very proud of ourselves. We have accomplished so much in life. We have to continue to trust and depend on God I know that GOD is still in control. Pray, Fast,Read our Bibles. No matter who's in the White House let God continue to be in our houses,our hearts. Teach our children to respect there elders,teach our daughters to respect themselves and there bodies, teach our sons to respect themselves and there bodies and women, men pray with your families be the head of the family like God ordained you , women respect your husband be that virtuous woman of God, families go to church together. Every month is Black History Month. Why ??? We have done to too much in history just to put in one month. Thanks for the article. God Bless The Black Family. Protect Us From Dangers Seen And Unseen. The Blood of Jesus.

  2. If you don't support Black History month that is well and fine, don't leave your negative comments here.

  3. I don't think you read the article correctly I didn't say that I didn't support Black History Month. I said every month should be Black History Month because we as African Americans have accomplished so much. It can't be put in in just one month.


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