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Church Announcement:

Reader, Bishop Joseph W. Walker, III, Nashville-based Senior Pastor of Mount Zion Baptist Church and Presiding Bishop of Full Gospel Baptist Fellowship International, will become the new featured minister on Black Entertainment Television (BET), called "The Relevant Word." He will be bringing his message of hope in Jesus Christ to homes across the country beginning Sunday, March 5. Bishop Walker follows in the footsteps of other influential black ministers who have regularly hosted programs on BET.

A Salute to Black History!

Reader this post is in celebrations of Black History Month, which started yesterday February 1,2017. The Old Black Church will be doing a posting and acknowledging of our history via the church each day of February. I will be posting things that are and once was a part of the construct of the black church.

The White House Trash Kellyanne Conway?!?!

Reader, the internet is calling Kellyanne Conway's behavior "trashy" and "disrespectful."People are upset about this photo of Kellyanne Conway sitting this way on a sofa in the Oval Office, while 45 poses for a group photo with leaders of historically black universities and colleges. 

Do you think it's offensive? It's not offensive. Terribly unprofessional and trashy, but not offensive. This is not only disrespectful, its distasteful in a "Jerry Springer" kind of way contextually.

Just asking for a friend, would she have done this in a room full of white men or women?  

Ex-congregants Of Religious Sect Speak About Years Of Ungodly Abuse!!

Reader, there are so many, synagogues, mosques temples and church congregations where faith is mixed with community, love, and compassion are an integral part of their makeup. Then there are ones like this.

Critics Are Questioning Why A Church And School Need A Police Department??

Reader, America is such a police state, its churches are asking to be granted their own police departments with their own police jurisdiction. Briarwood Presbyterian Church in Birmingham, Alabama has officially requested to have its own police department, a request that is currently making its way through the state’s legislature. The church, which runs a Jefferson County campus and a Shelby County high school, claims its own police force is necessary to, “create a safer campus in a fallen world,” according to ABC33|40. 

Get In Formation: Female Pastors Are On The Rise!!

Reader, I just want to say that I am so happy to see more women begin serving as pastors and I am grateful to all women who are doing this, despite the extraordinary amount of grief that they catch for doing so. 

Pastor Kim Burrell Breaks Her Silence: ‘I Would Never Apologize For Preaching Against Sin’!!

Reader, for those who think Pastor Kim Burrell has been hiding out in fear and shame after a sermon snippet of her condemning homosexuality, went viral and sparked a major backlash, think again. Despite being dragged through the mud, in a newly published interview, the award-winning gospel-jazz vocalist, who has kept a low profile since Dec. 30th of last year, is bold as ever, and is letting it be known, “I would never apologize for preaching against sin—never.”

Florida State Rep. Kimberly Daniels Went On Facebook Live Sunday Morning To Stop The Witches And Warlocks From Casting Spells On Donald Trump.

Reader, does the Bible really commands Christians to pray for Trump? When it comes to Donald Trump the foolishness continually rolls on day after day. Some witches from around the world made news when saying they’re going to cast a spell on Donald Trump in order to prevent him from harming anybody else in the world.  This have not set to well with some Christians on social media. 

Former First-round Pick Fernando Bryant Says He Was Fired From High School Job For Social Media Post????

Reader, this is craziness. So this school requires that all of its employees be born-again Christians, right. And so they hired Fernando Bryant, who is a Christian, as head football coach. A parent found a 3-year-old photo on social media of Fernando and his wife holding a bottle of alcohol and then the school fired him 3 weeks after they gave him the job.

Normally, I stand by a religious institute, like a school, to hire and fire according to their beliefs. The freedom of religion matters, after all, and I'm sick of people trying to impose or force a religiously based group into an action that is against their religion. But there are times when a group fires someone based on what they claim is a violation of their rules as a religious group, and the firing is complete BS. This is one such case, and I hope the fired dude sues them for breach of contract and takes his pound of flesh for how they treated him.

The story from Facebook: 

Spiritual Warfare Alert: Satan Is A Transsexual Too!!

Reader here's a very interesting message from the LORD thru His Servant Mack Major at Eden Decoded: 

Baton Rouge Catholic School Apologizes For Student’s Racist Essay About Black History Month!

Reader seriously Christian parentsPLEASE make sure you tell your children that Jesus was a JEW from "THE MIDDLE EAST" and he was not WHITE. And that last part is kind of important. I'm posting this here not to start a silly debate but to just show people how wrong they are about racism in America. This right here is a doggone shame.

There is no way as a parent I would have felt good about that lengthy apology letter. This young girl is not alone in the way she sees black America.  It's not only sad that this student does not understand history, demographics or DNA, but as a high school student one would think the student's ability to communicate through her writing would be better. 

So Here Is A Christian Site Defending A Homosexual, Conservative Thinker?

Reader you have to have been living under a rock to not have heard about this low life here. So, am I surprised in the way"The Christian Post" and other Christian publications seems to be sympathetic toward this man Milo Yiannopoulos? Absolutely not! Especially when one consider some of the exact same likeness and characteristics that are on display with this guy were present with 45, and we all know how that turned out.  

Christian Pastor Tells South African Congregation To Drink RAT POISON To 'Show Forth Their Faith'!!

Reader, a South African pastor is causing a stir online after 5 people were confirmed dead and 13 in critical condition after the Pastor encouraged his congregants to drink deadly rat poison to “show forth their faith.” At a Christian conference held at Grace Living Hope Ministries, Pastor Light Monyeki fed faith-filled congregants rat poison mixed with water to reportedly nourish their bodies and heal the sick on Saturday. “Then he declared life from above upon the water mixed with Rattax; and spoke nourishment unto bodies and healing unto the sick.

Church Where's The Data To Support The Prosperity Gospel???

Reader the following post is a Facebook post from a young man who is asking the church to show data for all the money that they have collected over the years. He goes on to say he was in these churches and watched TBN for over 20 years and there was never any data to support the preaching of the prosperity gospel. When you preach "prosperity" based off of SEED giving (money) then by now there should be data sets of case study material that show how people in the congregation have amassed wealth.

Christians,Christians What Have Gone Wrong With Kirk Franklin???

Reader, silence gives consent.Everybody was posting about Chance the rapper but nobody wanted to address Kirk Franklin dress and leggings. Are people really that big of a fan of people that they act like they don't see foolery?

Jesus Take The Wheel: Protest Break Out At The Historic Weller Street Missionary Baptist Church??

Reader Reverend Omarosa was in the pulpit today February 19 at Weller Church Missionary Baptist Church in Los Angeles, which didn't go to well, for some. Her present in the pulpit has caused some type of protest. 

59 Percent Of Millennials Raised In A Church Have Dropped Out—And They’re Trying To Tell Us Why!!

Reader I just read yet another article on why millennials are leaving the church. This one was written by a millennial to the church at large. As best I could tell, it was a list of mostly petty grievances and of ways that millennials would like the church to be. Not sure I get it all, do agree with almost all, but I have heard some of the same stuff, complaining from every generation for the past 25 years or so.

Your Gift Will Make Room For You: Chance The Rapper Is Turning Down '$10m offers' To Stay Independent!

Reader, according to the late great, Dr. Myles Monroe one of the least understood principles of success but at the same time one of the most vital is this - your God-given gift will make room for you. We were each born with God-given gifts, skill, and abilities.

Dr. Myles Monroe was known for his driving force behind drilling those points home when he used to show us the importance of discovering our gift and talent using it to its fullest potential. In my opinion, Chance the Rapper is a typical example of that idea at the present time.  

Prophecology 2017: The Working of Miracles!

Reader, Prophecology winter 2017is underway with Master Prophet Archbishop Bernard Jordan; who's calling forth the miracle worker in you. There will be teaching, preaching and prophesying about the realm of possibility.  Nothing is impossible with God.  Get ready to receive prophetic revelation that will open your eyes and enlighten you to what God has for you in this new season of your life. 

Question: Is It Wrong For Two Homosexual Men To Raise A Boy??

Reader, I saw the above pic floating around Facebook with the following caption:
DO YOU SEE ANYTHING WRONG WITH THIS? The picture have created a fierce online debate that everybody wanna comment on.  

Get Out Of Here: Another Gospel Music Artist Have Launched His Own Church.

Reader, here we go again. It seems like a whole lot of Gospel Artists today have moved from Gospel Music to the pulpit. Once upon a time, the pulpit was one of reverence honor and respect. I always thought the Holy Spirit gave the direction and worked in people's lives who were call and appointed to the pulpit. 

Fix It Jesus: An Accused Rapist To Speak At Christian Men's Conference????

Reader, I am oh so tired of professional athletes, politicians and celebrities getting a pass on their bad behavior. They have this mind set that no one can do anything to me. I’m a star and who is going to stop me. Then they top it all off by saying “I’m a Christian, and I’m forgiven." 

New Web Series “10 minutes with Teddy & Tina” Debuts On YouTube!

Reader will you be watching? Totally not interested. I don't think this is a good idea. Seems like a set up to be humiliated once again. How can they give advice so soon?  No offense I could see her doing this maybe a few years after staying with him and them fully recovered from his infidelity but right now it's too soon and I can't see really getting advice sorry, wish them many blessings in their marriage though.

COGIC Women Should Boycott The UpComing Women's International Convention?????

Reader Bishop Earl Carter of the 7000 Club Fellowship, Inc is back in the news with his latest which he's encouraging the COGIC women to boycott the upcoming women's convention in May....due to the firing of the General Supervisor of the International Department of Women, Mother Wille Mae Rivers. 

Minister Think American Girl New Doll Is 'A Trick Of The Enemy'????

Reader, me think this "pastor" needs to focus his attention elsewhere, don't you think?  In the 60s they never thought that GI Joe would take off because boys had never played with "dolls".. Shortly after their release, they were sold out, and production had to go into full swing.  It lasted many years until the cost to manufacture the doll became too much. Historically American Girl stuff has been pretty well made and the accessories are top notch. If a kid (boy or girl) wants a boy American Girl doll, I have a hard time believing he isn't going to be an "emasculated male."

Right-wing Cartoonist Inserts Unqualified Betsy DeVos Into Iconic Civil Rights Painting!

Reader this is the right wing's version of the famous Norman Rockwell painting that has pissed so many people off. This political cartoon making the rounds is so offensive.  It replaces Ruby Bridges (as depicted in this Norman Rockwell painting) with Unqualified Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos and the word "n*gger" painted on the wall with the word "conservative. "

Congratulations Dr. Dorinda Clark Cole!

Reader congratulation to newly appointed International Elect Lady Dorinda Clark Cole, Department of Evangelism Church of God in Christ, Inc. In this role, she will oversee the activities of the women's ministry arm of the department. She succeeds famed Evangelist, Dr. Rita V. Womack, who served as the Elect Lady for 8 dutiful years, under two administrations. We thank God for Dr. Womack and the labor of love and excellence she gave to the department. Dr. Cole will be officially installed to her new position during the annual Quadrennial Inaugural Installation Service, set for Tuesday, April 7, 2017 in Memphis, TN. Congratulations and God speed Elect Lady, Dr. Dorinda Clark Cole.

12 Megachurch Salary, Tithing and Mission Trends!

Reader did we not learn anything from Jim and Tammy Baker in the '80s? I must say this new trend is crazy and it's flat-out UNETHICAL.  You got 81% of megachurches saying that they have "knowledge about specific salaries known ONLY by board members, a subcommittee of the board, or by senior staff."

What I found most disturbing about these ministries is the natural right for a pastor's son or close family member to succeed him as head pastor upon retirement. You trying to tell me there is not a single ordinary congregant who is not anointed to take over the top position? These are private estates, creating wealth for their respective families, not for extending the kingdom of God. One would swear we back in medieval age when the kings divine right to rule was the order of the day, and all just had to accept that's how things were.

After All The Backlash "PASTOR DONNIE MCCLURKIN APOLOGIZES" Says He Was Wrong!!

Reader, I posted his original opinionabout 'just pray and stop protesting,' so now I will post his apology for saying that. I respect him for being humble enough to acknowledge his error. I appreciate and can be especially loyal to a leader who can admit and acknowledge when they are wrong, rather than one who will not even acknowledge their errors. 

Chance The Rapper Wins "Best New Artist" At The Grammy's And Claims The Victory In The Name Of JESUS!

Reader today many "gospel" rappers don't want to say Jesus on a record so they can appeal to the mainstream crowd. Artist like Lecrae constantly stress their not a gospel rapper. Now there is Chance the Rapper that talks about Jesus every other song and his personal struggles. 

Was Pastor Shirley Caesar "THE MOTHER OF GOSPEL MUSIC" Inappropriately Dress For The Grammy's??

Reader Pastor Shirley Caesar came ready for The Red Carpet at The Grammy's Sunday night, but I don't think the church folks were ready for her. There have been a low murmur on Social media over Pastor Shirley Caesar low cleavage GRAMMY dress. Some are saying she showed to much skin for a lady of the cloth. What do you think?

Queen Latifah & Holly Carter New Fox Religious Themed Drama?!?!?!?

Reader Pastor G. Craige Lewis believes the world has no shame in what they're doing. In fact, they flaunt their sins because they're so proud of them. In his latest blog post he discussed how the enemy is using women to corrupt the word of God and lure men away from God. 

Church Folks Leave Beyonce Along, Yall Worship Your Pastors & Bishops In The Same Manner!!

Reader some online Christians thought Beyonce Grammy performance was a very thin line between artistry and the occult. So, they decided to come for her over the performance until this youngmandecided to put a stop to it with the following comment:

White Christians Who Voted for Donald Trump: Fix This. Now.

Reader, another powerful article by Pastor John Pavlovitz.
Remember the Sunday school song that we all learned as children? Jesus loves the little children, All the children of the World, I believe that means every single one, not the ones that some Christians believe are OK. He also did not say that they had to believe in him for him to love them. Christians please stop making the Bible fit your prejudices!

Lord Have Mercy:Texas Man's Obituary Blasts Him As Possessing 'No Redeeming Qualities'???

Reader, here's an obituary that has gone viral but not in a good way. I don't know if this obituary is a joke or not but it's a reminder that we should all be good, kind, etc. Otherwise, this might be our obituary.

It is common knowledge that people are not supposed to speak ill of the dead but it seems this family did not get the memo. They said it was a relief that he is dead and even said they wouldn't hold a burial for him. What could he have done to be treated like this after death?
The closing line of the obit cuts rather deep:

Legendary Al Jarreau Dead At 76!

Reader, my prayers, and condolences to Jazz legend Al Jarreau wife Susan, son Ryan, friends and fans. The Jazz great died today at the age of 76, his manager confirms. 

I have been blessed to have grown up with your music that has forever placed a smile upon my soul. 

James Fortune, I Forgive Me!!

Reader, Gospel Music artist James Fortune says it's now time for him to forgive himself for the domestic assault of his estranged wife, Cheryl, two years ago. Fortune, the Grammy-nominated leader of the group James Fortune & FIYA, is sharing his advice about learning to forgive yourself with his nearly 300,000 Instagram followers.

The Word Network Cancellation Of Bishop Jesse C. Davenport,lll????

Reader, after watchingWilliam Mccray latest blog post and doing a little research myself.  I'm shaking my head at how the Word Network allegedly did Bishop Jesse Davenport.  For some saints they feel like being a guest on Rejoice in the Word is a right of something.

 Anyways, Bishop Jesse Davenport was invited to the Word network and some information came out. And he was uninvited for some reason of another. He addresses it during a Facebook live video here.

Question: In 2017 Can Women Truly Be Pastors, Bishops, or elders?

Reader, this is a highly debated topic and it's important that we seek a biblical view, and not what we think is right in our own eyes. 

Some have suggested that women shouldn't let people despise their gender. And women can be bishops, apostles, pastors and elders. Ovaries are not disqualifying. Anyhow the below comment come from an up and coming young evangelist who see things totally completely and absolutely differently. Tell me if you agree: 

The Success Of The Moral March!

Reader, this does my heart so good!! My timeline was flooded today, February 11, 2017, with pictures and articles about the 11th Annual Moral March on Raleigh. The Moral March in Raleigh today. These are largely people of faith, marching for diversity, equality, and compassion for the marginalized in the South. 

Check out the pic below. 

Honoring "The Hip-hop Pastor, Bishop Hezekiah Walker!!

Reader plan to be in the building on Monday, February 13, 2017 for the 4th Annual Praise In the Place - an evening honoring the gospel category nominees and winners AND Special Tribute to the legendary Bishop Hezekiah Walker!!

Was Travis Greene Support Of Donald Trump Reason For The Cancellation Of The Worship Tour?

Reader Anthony Brown, Jonathan McReynolds & Travis Greene apologize for canceling ‘The Worship Tour. Online rumors are alleged that Travis Greens support of Donald Trump is one of the reasons for tickets sales to plummet. According to the groups PR all of a suddenly it seems to have been an issue with management. A lot of folks are upset who were looking forward to being in the number at the Worship Tour. 

So Donnie McClurkin Tells Christians To Stop Protesting Donald Trump??

Reader, this is coming from Donnie McClurkin a pastor who did not vote for Trump: 

"Now is our time to pray for him this is the job of the church.  Let the world protest but the job of the church now is to go into prayer and pray that, number one, he succeeds, because if he fails, we have to deal with the consequences as a nation," he said before quoting 2 Chronicles 7:14."

Seven Reasons To Never Ever Send Nude Selfies:

Reader, what does God think about nude selfies? Pastor John Piper answers this question👀.“If a man asks an unmarried woman to show him her body, by definition he is unworthy of her trust and affection.”

Full Gospel Conference "Momentum" With Presiding Bishop Joseph And Dr. Stephaine Walker!

Reader June 26-30, 2017 all roads lead back to Orlando, Florida for the family event of the Year. Get ready for The Full Gospel Conference 2017. With a focus on "MOMENTUM." And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not. Galatians 6:9 (KJV)

Southern Baptist Retailer Removes Black Hip-hop Artist’s Album That Includes The Word ‘penis'!

Reader,Isn't this the same conservative crowd that has many problems with political correctness?Sho Baraka has become the latest victim of having a bookstore pull his music from their shelves for language deemed “offensive.” Popular hip-hop artist Sho Baraka has taken aim at Southern Baptist retailer Lifeway Christian Stores for dropping his album for including the word “penis,” a move that shows a growing tension between the black artist and his white evangelical fans.

100 Evangelical Leaders Buy Ad To Denounce Trump’s Refugee Ban!!

Reader, scores of evangelical leaders, including at least one from each state, have taken out a full-page newspaper advertisement to denounce Donald Trump's temporary ban on refugees, urging him to reconsider his executive order and welcome people fleeing persecution and violence. 

Perry Noble Returns To Pulpit 7 Months After Being Fired For Alcohol Abuse!!

Reader so, Perry Noble is back in the pulpit (⇩everyone is not happy about it⇩) at least for one time anyway....thanks to none other than Steven Furtick. Noble was fired from NewSpring Church over the summer for abusing alcohol and making "unfortunate choices they told the congregation." 

Facebook Comment:
"I wish Perry Noble would just go get a job as a department manager at Walmart or Target... like most ministers who have a serious moral failure do, and are serious about overcoming their problems, rebuilding their character, and eventually being restored into ministry. Looking to launch a second career as a church consultant and guest speaker so shortly after being fired for alcoholism and other issues is a seriously bad sign."👀

Gala Celebration Banquet for Dr. Teresa Hairston - Special Guest: The Clark Sisters!

Reader, February 24, 2017 all roads lead to Houston, Texas for Dr Teresa Hairston 30/60 "Gala Celebration Banquet". Founder of Gospel Heritage and Gospel Today, Ms. Hairston will celebrate 30 years of kingdom service and 60 years of life with a CELEBRATION BANQUET.  Celebrate and witness special musical tributes and presentations with a full dinner and dessert.  

Special Musical Guest - The Clark Sisters 
Hosted by: Bishop Paul and Pastor Debra Morton