Women Of Excellence: I'm A Grown Woman Now!

Reader, I'm A Grown Woman Now I love the play on words. Get ready to join Pastor Debra Morton and women from around the country as they celebrate Women of Excellence's 30th Anniversary. You do not want to miss this time of fellowship and impartation at Greater St Stephen in New Orleans.

FEATURING: Bishop George G. Bloomer, Sheryl Brady, Jackie McCullough,Tasha Cobbs and more. 


  1. The irony is that the acronym for "Women of Excellence" is WOE. And they put "woe" three times on the brochure. The joke is on them.

    The 3 women in the middle: one's a Bishop, one's a Doctor, and the other one is a Pastor. All 3 look like they're wearing tuxedos or men's suits. When a woman takes on the role of a Man...the woman starts dressing and acting like one.

  2. Good one, tooprotected...LOL. You mean this is the same Antonia Wright that was on 'The Real' talk show, Wendy Williams show, AND is the ex-wife of Lil Wayne?? WOW!! I truly believe that so-called celebrity Christians (which is a joke) are SO lost and blind that it has become a "scratch my back and I'll scratch yours kind of thing" within the Church. Mr. Bishop Morton, SHOULD HAVE, enough discernment to know you can't serve TWO masters...THE WORLD, MONEY, IDOLS, etc, and God at the same time (straddling the fence... Revelation 2-3...GOD WILL SPIT YOU OUT OF HIS MOUTH). Repentance & coming out of the world has fallen on deaf ears. These people DO NOT have a relationship with God AND the Holy Spirit IS NOT leading them. Just look at their character and FRUIT (don't care how GOOD you can sing). So Sad! And please don't use this talk about they are leading PEOPLE to Jesus. They are "Blind Leaders of the Blind and they both will fall in the ditch"... Jesus said it. I prefer to stay out of the world (spiritually) even though I live in the world (physically). In Christ Alone, RLR.

    1. RLR, you are right about Tora Wright. Is she even saved?

    2. @RLR, exactly. These churches keep pulling "talent" from the world. The churches hope that gullible people will see the celebrities on the brochure and run to the event...and bring their money of course!

  3. Jackie McCullough is going to slay the house!! Awesome place to be!

  4. No Thank You. Women can't be NO BISHOP. They are not the HUSBAND OF ONE WIFE. The Blind leading the Blind. Enough of these conferences. We needs some revivals for SOULS to be SAVED, Be DELIVERED, And SET FREE. And make the conferences FREE. Stop making everything about money.

  5. Miss Ann,

    Proverbs 31 should suffice for any woman who is a believer and the teachings of Paul should polish their walk in Christ.

    None of the above women knows that, unfortunately. Otherwise, they wouldn't have been eager to be associated with WOE. There's truly no discernment. They are probably rubbing their hands together for the first $$$ windfall of 2017.

    WOE to these certified charlatans!

    The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want...

    1. YOU nailed IT, "The LORD is My Shepherd"!. These women and all these conferences, and they never mention God's call for women to be "virtuous", PROVERBS 31.

      How can they miss this? And ALL the other the Biblical stories, of Mary, and Elizabeth, and Ruth, and Lois, and Rahab, and Sarah and the Shulamite women...and not to mention some of the negative examples, the lessons learned from Jezebel, and Martha and Miriam, and Job's wife, and Deliliah, and Eve, and Herod's Daughter...

      I guess the Bible is just not enough for these W(h)O(r)Es. (Sorry the description here.) I'm gathering these women think their wisdom is supreme.
      It just appears these women are never satisfied, until they parade around in their fancy, fatten their pockets, and guise to touch silly women to become spiritually "empowered".

      Reminds me of a verse in Ezekiel 16:28 "Thou hast played the whore also with the Assyrians, because thou wast unsatiable; yea, thou hast played the harlot with them, and yet couldest not be satisfied."

      And these two men (Bishop Bloomer and Paul Morton), why are they in the company of all these women, if this is to be a "women's" conference? If they are not careful, they'll develop a certain type "softness", allowing themselves to be a part under all this feminist platform of REBELLION. I will NEVER OR encourage my sons and grandsons to ATTEND these such events!

      This KINDA STUFF IS TOXIC, UNHEALTHY, and most of all...UNBIBLICAL!!!

      Come on wit IT!!!



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