What The Bible Says About How To Treat Refugees!

Reader interesting read I came across this morning highlighting scriptures on how the Bible states we should treat foreigners, widows, refugees, etc. Feel free to check it out and provide feedback.

I wish America would stop calling herself a Christian nation. It's clearly not, as they bring slander to my God day and night. Some honestly convicting and challenging Scriptures to make sure we think as Jesus thinks about refugees.



  1. Hello. I agree. True righteousness is in Jesus Christ, not in American "Christian" morality, values, and/or political party ( John 14:6; John 18:36).

  2. Ann, remember that we are dealing with a godless, uncompassionate bunch of thugs in the white house. Nothing coming out of DC would surprise me at this point.

  3. Yeah but at the same time we do need to make sure that these refugees are not tied to any organization that will put the security of the country at risk. Why do we continue to allow immigrants to come to this illegally and use American resources? If you are not going to respect the laws of this country they need to stay in their own country.

  4. I totally agree with the Trump administration on this situation. I wonder if these same folks would be doing all this protesting. If the countries was Ivory Coast,Kenya, Senegal,Haiti.

  5. America uses Christian values when it benefits them . This nation is far from being lead by the scriptures. They ask us to pray for the country only when it Benifits their agenda .


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