Saturday Night Live: A Salute To Sunday Morning Church!

Reader, is the church impacting world culture or is worldly culture invading the church? It's sad when the church marketing team look to the world for ideas. Anyhow, come expecting a blessing as the Mt. Pleasant family presents SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE AT THE MOUNT! FEATURING award winning artist Lady Tramaine Hawkins and more...Donation $20.00 in advance, $25.00 at the door.


  1. Miss Ann,

    Correction - the donation is actually an admission fee.

    The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want...

  2. This weak little ploy only shows the ignorance and pride of these foolish individuals to do whatever it takes to scam folks in the name of Jesus. Anyone who fall for this is really really childlike.

    So they have these biblical titles, and bring the infamous Tremaine Hawkins to perform. How titillating their cleaver trick to DUPE the TV TITLE "Saturday Night Live" to salute SUNDAY CHURCH. THIS pitiful little scheme, is a joke when we note the history of how the early church transitioned from God's tradition of SABBATH WORSHIP, to WORSHIP the first day of the week commemorating the day the LORD WAS resurrected. My point is not to debate Saturday vs Sunday, but to question the gallof these indivuals who would seek to salute SUNDAY morning worship, using this mess to swindle folks out of their money.

    It appears nothing is sacred to these people. They allow their shallow form of Christianity to serve as a mockery, performing acts of their flesh so they could be current, fresh and relevant.

    These folks are like wells without water, and clouds that are carried with a tempest. Be not deceived. GOD IS NOT MOCKED!


  3. The only problem I have is referring to an admission fee as a donation.

  4. Miss Ann, please point out the worldly idea(s) for this event.

    1. Come on Mike, SNL😄😄😄.

    2. He's a little slow Ms. Ann...It's OK...

    3. Miss Ann, the reason I asked because I was wondering did you consider the name of the event "Saturday Night Live" a worldly idea. The current SNL program isn't the first show to use the name. That's all.

  5. Tremaine, Tremaine, Tremaine, The legendary Tremaine Hawkins is still got it. Highly gifted. She blew me away at West Angeles on New Year's Day. My God. Whatever they doing, Tremaine will Faithfully entertain and usher them right on into the presence of Almighty God. Yes Lawd!!!!

    1. RIGHT.

      So tell us just how Tremaine blew you away? How did she usher you into the presence of God? Please describe that experience. Let me help you out a little.

      First of all, the Spirit imparts spiritual gifts to each believer. Each believer is to use his/her gift to EDIFY one ANOTHER in the BODY. Now when this is done, believers will be encouraged to grow and do godly service and ministry so the LORD HIMSELF will be glorified.

      Second, SINGING IS NOT A SPIRITUAL GIFT. However, one can use that talent to encourage the saints. So tell us. What did Tremaine Tremaine Tremaine do to encourage (make you bold to witness) you?

      What was it in her songs to lead you to repent, and give your life to die daily for Him?

      My experience with these artists in these type venue, is they are talented for sure, but their songs only lead me to feel some euphoria. I am never motivated to study His word, seek His counsel, or testify to this lost and dying world the need for a Savior.

      I really do not expect a reply from YOU.



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