Lord Have Mercy: Wendy Williams Calls Megan Good's "a woman of the streets"?

Reader once again, Hollywood and Christianity just don't mix. You can't serve two masters. Separate Holy from the profane. It's bizarre even to Wendy. I stumbled across an interview of Meagan Good on Wendy's talk show the other day. I honestly think that what I just witnessed was dead wrong on Wendy's part. Check out the interview below.

 Wendy was throwing all kinds of shade at Megan yesterday and making all kind of crazy gestures because Megan decided to be celibate for a year and a half before she got married and now she is reinstated and living her life as a saved GOD fearing woman. It's a very tacky interview. I'm sure she was invited to promote her movie but Wendy spent 30seconds talking about it and 9 minutes about her wardrobe and her sex life. 


  1. Miss Ann,

    To be honest, Miss Good also said she didn't mind being a sex symbol even when she's married to the man of the cloth. Therefore, though she was celibate, her "symbolism" was alive and well. It's that same spirit that she carried on into her marriage. And Miss Wendy can still recognize the street in her...

    The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want...

  2. That's what she gets. She dresses like a Hoochie so she looks like a Hoochie. Wendy Williams is a SKANK. Anyone or anybody that goes on her show knows how GHETTO she is. She had no respect for Pastor Shirley Ceasar she starting twirking pastor didn't correct her just started laughing with her. No CHRISTIAN should set foot in the studio that the show is taped. I have no respect for Megan she doesn't represent a Godly Woman. These entertainment folks have one foot in church and one foot in the world. It's lime Russell Wilson stating that God sent him Ciara no he didn't. If you are a Saved man or woman what are you doing in DA Club ??? These men lie lie lie about how they get these Christian women but they aren't Christian women and Vice versa. Stop playing games with GOD. And stop lying and trying to manipulate folks about your character. We can see right through you . Men and Women. How do we know that they substain from sex when they dress like HOOCHIES all the time. Tempting the men. IJS


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