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Here We Go Again, Tennessee Church Shooting Leaves Multiple People Hurt!!

Reader at least seven people were shot during Sunday morning when a gunman opened fire inside a Tennessee Church, Nashville police said. Nashville police received calls about a shooting at Burnette Chapel Church of Christ in Antioch just after 11 a.m., officials told Fox News. The church is about 30 minutes southeast of Nashville. "This is a mass casualty situation. All of the wounded have been transported to area hospitals.


Late Bishop Eddie Long Allegedly Buried In $100k Casket, Has Caused Social Media To Spazz Out!!!

Reader, apparently there are pictures floating around Facebook and online of Bishop Eddie Long in his "alleged" $100k coffin, wearing a clerical gown has caused much online conversation. The late Bishop of the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, LITHONIA Ga, was laid to rest yesterday with family, friends, clergy, former Gov. Roy Barnes, Deion Sanders, and others present and delivering tributes.

Someone took pictures of the bishop in his high price casket and posted them online and folk are making light of the situation. Not only is this disrespectful in my opinion but being that its church folk doing it is even more disturbing. In my humble opinion, there's nothing wrong per-say with the pictures of Bishop Long's last earthly appearance in which for me he looked extremely well put together in his red and white bishop attire. The problems I have is with the jokes. 

But when you think about it this is a common practice of laying the body of the deceased out for viewing and display at most American funerals, among all religious faiths, as part of the funeral ritual or service. But this coming custom of having pictures taken and flashed across social media is something all new.  

Do you think posting the pictures of Bishop Eddie Long in his casket was a form of disrespect?

Update: Folks are asking this guy to remove the pictures he  posted of Bishop Eddie Long in his casket. They say it's "Offensive" and "disrespectful". But what about these pictures of Dr Martin Luther King in his casket? Are they also Offensive And Disrespectful? 


  1. What I think was disrespectful was that everyone of those folks tried to compare Eddie Long to Jesus Christ.They act like he never did anything wrong . He was a very arrogant, self centered,disrespectful to leadership,Narcissist,homosexual ,pedofile.He never ever apologise for anything that he did. If Bishop Jake's really wanted to attend he could have he didn't want to. Bishop Paul Morton was there he didn't make any comments and didn't sit in pulpit. I don't care what celebrities or athletics or Bishops or Deacons or Elders try to put Long in heaven. Only God knows where his spirit is going. Everything he did he did in the open for everyone to see. The pictures are all over the internet so that shouldn't be no surprise to anyone. Folks went to be noisy and to report what was going on. You can't get mad at folks for wanting to know the truth. When you live your life in the open this is what happens. His family knew what kind of lifestyle that he was living. They just loved the money,the houses,the vehicle's,the prestige,the glamour, the titles. I don't feel sorry for the wife or the children cause anytime you know that a person is a pedophile and don't report you are helping them commit that crime. Now the son will be installed as the pastor. So the family can continue to be taken care by the congregation.IJS

    1. IJS, I agree with your comment but whoever did that body did a damn good job. he looks good.

  2. That is ridiculous for anyone to put that much money in the ground,in a vault. They don't care they didn't have to pay for anything the church pAid for it. ROBBING THE SAINTS. The funeral was to too long. They can't put him heaven. If he didn't repent and ask GOD to have mercy on his soul. In HE'LL be will lift his eyes
    This not new in the African American Christian Churches Churches. They do it all time.

    1. Do anyone know what kind of casket it is? I have never seen one like that. And I’ve seen my share????

    2. Some people carry $1 million dollar life insurance policies, and the family is free to do what they want with the proceeds in relation to a homegoing service. Apparently, this is how Eddie Long's wife decided to use her husband's life insurance. Moving on, and worrying more about this crazy ass man we have as president!!!!

    3. Angela Catos

      Outstanding comment!!!!!

  3. Miss Ann,

    Posting Long's casket isn't a form of disrespect.

    He lied to his congregation all the time. That's rather disrespectful! The 4 young men who first came forward to report his wickedness were at first intimidated, after the 5th victim surfaced, the tune changed to an out of court settlement. Who paid for that? The congregation through tithes and love offerings. Disrespectful!

    He invited fellow pastors to whitewash him before his congregation and to give stern warnings to his "accusers". Disrespectful!

    He got sick and tried to hide this behind a vegan diet and talked of living to 100. Disrespectful!

    So whoever took his pictures and posted them on social media learnt from the best. They learnt from him.

    The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want...

    1. 100k coffin and someone out here needs 100k to get a kidney transplant TO LIVE ..i can't and won't take some of these preachers serious... preachers riding in bmws while the congregation scraping up change to catch the bus to service.. YOUR BLESSING TO PREACH SHOULDN'T COME WITH A HIGH DOLLAR PRICE TAG.. GTFOH

    2. Them red shoes! SMH!!!

  4. A few years ago Long & his church were bragging about buying a woman (one person) in need a used car which probably cost less than 9 grand.

    They had a video with her crying and driving away in a 10 year old car.

    Now instead of buying a relatively nice casket for 10k or so, they bought a casket thats only going to be seen for a hot minute for 100k.

    Even in death, he is taking the church for all he can get.

  5. That's a disgrace before God. If Eddie Long wife had an insurance policy for 1 millions dollars the church was paying for it. The payments on the policy of that amount is very very high. Trump is a millionare so if he was buried in a $100,000 casket he could afford it. He earned his money. And no I am not a fan of his. But Eddie Long was a Money Lauderer,Thief,Crook, Child Molester,Arrogant,Selfish,Narcissist, Homosexual,High Minded, Reopated Mind, No fear of GOD. He thought he was God. Batesville Caskets are very good. You can have caskets ordered the way you want. The funeral home did a very good job on him. Even in death he still had the last laugh. How you say ??? He used the church funds to pay for everything that he wanted done in death he got , his family will still reap all the benefits from the church finanches,the son will be the pastor, and may be the wife the Co pastor.

  6. @ Angela Catos and Annisha Sapp. Whassup with this cussin' on a church oriented website? Oh! My bad... You must've learned this from Eddie Long cause he was doing the same exact thing in the pulpit before he died. Yea, I said it. The church I played keys for who was once affiliated with this man (who I pray got it right on his death bed before leaving this dimension), would skirt around and play around with language that was totally uncalled for in an individual claiming to possess the characteristics of Jesus. So I just had to say it. Anyhow, I like I've said many times before, I pray these people wake up at this church because I have a bad feeling they will continue to bring his name up during services as does the demonic catholic faith does also.

    1. Timezone.....What about Kimberly White using the GTFOH initialism at the end of her comment? In my opinion, using the initials is just as bad as saying it. The same goes for such initialisms as LMAO and LMBO(which is a little 'softer' than LMAO.

    2. Timezone.....What about Kimberly White using the GTFOH initialism at the end of her comment? In my opinion, using the initials is just as bad as saying it. The same goes for such initialisms as LMAO and LMBO(which is a little 'softer' than LMAO.

  7. Angela Catos,
    This is by far the best comment I've read thus far; however, the cussing kinda took away from the point...

  8. Eddie Long family and Church just needs to shut up. It's not being disrespectful at all He was the one that was disrespectful to GOD, to his church,to his family and to the young men that continues to molest over and over. His family didn't say anything when Eddie was going all around town in the ATL with those young boys and having them at the church, spending the church money on those young boys. Nope they didn't. Why ??? Cause they were reaping the benefits of the church finances. His life is an opened book. Cause closed.

  9. I had a family member that had a Muslim funeral service. It was beautiful and simple, and cost effective. None of the drama, wailing, extravagant cost for caskets and flowers etc. No service lasting for hours on end which is tiring and overly emotional for the family.
    For me, cremation is the way to go.

  10. People, that casket DID NOT COST $100,000! That casket is the Marcellus Carved top President (made by Batesville) At the most, it costs $20,000. People do what they want with their money!


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