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How to Live Under an Unqualified President.

Reader Pastor John Piper latest article is going viral:“Tomorrow we inaugurate a man to the presidency who is morally unqualified. If we do not see and feel the weight of this sorrow, we will not know how to talk about him, and pray for him, as citizens of heaven.”



  1. Miss Ann,

    Let us not be fooled by this. Every leader in this world has moral issues that make them unqualified. Our Savior called the political leader of the day a fox (Luke 13:32).

    To me, that is a label to all the presidents who have been before Trump. All have "foxed" us in one way or another.

    Let us look to Jesus, he is our hope.

    "Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost." Romans 15:13

    The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want...

    1. Piper is right the evangelical church will take years to recover the rift created from the whitewashing of such an immoral man to gain political power and keep their precious guns. Hopefully, ultimately, good comes from it long term. I love seeing washington, and the media, shook to its core, but it's sad that you would never wish for your children to be like your president.

    2. EAXCTLY "The LORD is My Shepherd"...Every leader has moral issues.

      Makes me wonder if Piper is saying all this because of the backlash from Black folks questioning the "white" evangelical church supporting TRUMP the racist for president. Piper said in the article all TRUMP's immoral behavior. But unlike Ms. Ann and many others here, Piper never called him a RACIST.

      I don't get it. Why Piper commented this way, or the article is posted here is beyond me. This is nothing but the operation of the FLESH at best.

      "This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh." Gal. 5:16


    3. I can tell y'all didn't read John Piper's reasons for Trumps disqualification, am I right? Trump's immorality has nothing to do with Obama and how folks view Obama. It is about Trump's morality, or lack thereof. He has bragged about committing adultery, is obsessed with outward appearance, sexiness, superficiality, wealth, his own status and accomplishments, and his quickness to berate and insult people and seek revenge on his critics. He never renounced his behavior towards women, the infamous "locker room" talk. He didn't repent of the behavior, he excused only his language. Read the article to get a clear understanding of what Piper was actually saying.

    4. No...You WRONG! Read every word.

      Don't know why you want to bring up OBAMA in the conversation here. "The Lord is my Shepherd" never referenced OBAMA (she referenced "every leader in the WORLD"). Nor did I. I stated Piper never mentioned TRUMP as a racist as you and others so often do. You may need to read the article to see what PIPER "didn't say".

      So go back and TRY AGAIN with another reply, or maybe move your comment here to reply to the Anonymous who talked about "over eight years".


    5. I'm not wrong! If you would have read the article then it would have been reflected by your comment.

    6. Sorry...I DID respond to the article. MAYBE not the way you thought I should have.

      I just didnt jump on the Piper bandwagon his useless commentary, Trump is immoral. He stated the obvious Ms. Ann.

      I read deeper, AND commented on what Piper didn't say, that Trump was a racist as you so often scream.

      And NOW you PILE on to do this post, this white ecangelical stating the obvious, he is immoral, after you so vehemently lashed out against white evangelicals saying they couldn't be Christians and vote for Trump.

      So now that this white Evangelical stated the obvious, TRUMP is not qualified to be president, this white ecangelical is now ok, huh ANN?


  2. I don't always agree Pastor Piper but we all can agree to disagree with each other and be respectful. He is right on point. My trust and all our trust has to be in GOD and HIS SON JESUS CHTIST. And them ONLY. I will never ever understand how folks who say they are saved could support a man like Trump. He is immoral, bipolar, unqualified, racist, rapist, disrespectful, borderline different personalities,such to name a few. Never in the history of the USA have we had such a disgraceful person to represent the USA for President. Trip is a walking time bomb. There were more qualified candidates on both political parties. Besides Clinton or Trump . But we have to except what GOD allows . GOD is in control no matter who is in the White House I know who is in my house and in my ❤. We have to continue to Pray ,Fast,Read Our Bible's. We have to keep Trump and his family in prayer ask God to have MERCY on him. These folks have sold there SOULS to the devil just for political gains,financial gains,popularity gains.Our children's have saw all the negative and immoral and vulgarity comments that Trump. Keeps making over and over again on a daily basis. He is addicted to twitter. All we as people's that are SAVED can do is to trust and believe in the. ALMIGHTY GOD. GOD will take care of HIS people's. GOD'S word is true. HE said that HE never seen the righteous forsaken nor his seed begging bread. There's nothing covered that won't be uncovered. Trump is going to hang himself. I don't think anyone child wanna be like Trump. Fret not thyself because of evil doers. May God Have Mercy On The USA

  3. The white evangelicals voted for and support him so don't cry now. I'm just going to pray that "Don the con" gets someone to do something with that hair.

  4. I pray Piper isn't trying to smooth things over with the liberals. Trump isn't no different then the 44 presidents before him. My hope is built on nothing less then Jesus blood and His righteousness.

  5. AND....For 8 years a man has been in the office who was morally unqualified. AND.... People wanted to put a woman in the office that was morally unqualified (as well as her husband)...SMH! I am so glad that God is going to straighten this MESS out and some of y'all are going to be Truely surprised....IJS. ONLY JESUS! In Christ Alone, RLR.

    1. And eight years before that, and eight years before that, ECT....So what's your point? This morning I have felt saddened and heavy hearted about the Inauguration of the racist Donald Trump. But, this article is a good reminder and refocus for what is important.

  6. This article is not about a Democrat nor a Republican. It's about a man who is truly unqualified to run the office of the President of the USA. Trump is a Racist,Fascist, Egotistical, Bipolar, Superficial. He doesn't have a heart. He is a walking time bomb ready to explode at any moment. Mr.Piper is correct and Lady Brock is correct with her statements. This is about a man that is putting folks in positions in his cabinets that have the same characteristics that he has some even worse. And if anyone don't have a problem with that something is wrong with you. Even in his speech today he said words that reminds us that he is unstable. He is a revenge seeker. We must pray our President and for our good ole USA. He says he wants to make America great again. Well when has it not been great for him ??? All his products of clothing and his daughter line of merchandizing is made in Bangladesh or India. He is a RACIST. Did you see that American Revolution Outfit Kellyanne Conway had on today. A coat $ 3600 from Gucci. Looks just the American Revolution Army Outfit.

  7. We have a Racist,Rapist,Racist,Moron,Immoral, Belligerent, Bipolar Disorder, Self Centered, Adultery, No Tax Returns ,Unqualified person for President of the United States of America. And a Uneducated WHORE for a First Lady. Why isn't America great . This is the person that White Evangelicals and some African Americans why I will never understand. Wanted for President. Only GOD can help us. I thank GOD that my only hope and trust in HIM and only HIM. I am still shaking my head that the devil could fool so many folks into believing that Trump was the best candidate. No HRC wasn't either. But God knows there was some folks better on both sides. Pray Pray Pray

  8. People please...NO DISCERNMENT... That's my point!! You say that you see, as the Pharisees said, but some are still blind. Immorality is THE SAME no matter who it's coming from. You say NOTHING about Obama letting all these Ungodly, filthy issues coming to affect our children, yet you say President Trump is immoral....GET REAL!! Did Obama Ever apologize for his immoral decisions...NO HE DID NOT. So, whats your excuse! SMH. Let me make a suggestion..put your TRUST in Jesus, and maybe your heart want be sadden or heavy. In Christ Alone, RLR.

  9. I recall a few years back happening across an article about a former KKK member who discussed how he ended up in the hate group and what led him to leave it. I don't recall his name nor do I know whether all the events over the last 8 years led him to re-join.

    What stuck with me, however, is that he mentioned that hatred for other groups was taught to him from childhood on even from the pulpit of the church he attended with his family, a supposed Christian church.

    I continue to struggle with the notion that hate is being taught from Christian pulpits and from the same pulpits that espouse anti-abortion/pro-life views.

    If you want to hate people, that is your right. But I sure do wish people on this Earth would stop using the Lord's word to dress up their hatred.


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