How Tasha Cobbs Helped Inspire A Plus-Size Online Boutique!!

Reader, the average woman is a size 16 these days, but finding fashions to fit her curvy frame can be a true struggle. Celebrity stylist Shun Melson says the difficulty of finding fab threads for her gospel-singing client Tasha Cobbs inspired her to create a solution. “It was the most difficult shopping experience I ever had — there wasn’t anything cute in stores for her size,” Melson explained to Billboard of the issue she ran into in 2014.

But instead of giving up, the determined fashionista did some digging around for clothing for full-figured women. That’s when she found wholesalers in L.A., created an online boutique for plus-size women desiring trendy pieces. Melson, who has styled Ledisi, Jennifer Hudson, Fantasia, Marvin Sapp, Fred Hammond, Edwin Hawkins, Tyler Perry and many more, now has a thriving business, and voluptuous women have wonderful options from which to choose.


  1. Good for her.

    Now, let's see if she can inspire to work on the "inward" beauty of women.


  2. Nothing that Tasha Cobb is wearing is a representative of a SAVED WOMAN. The attire is very WORDLY. The problem comes when we that proclaim that we are SAVED want to look like the WORLD and fit in with the UNGODLY. There should always be a difference between clean and unclean. Beauty starts from within. It's the Woman that makes the clothes. Not the clothes that make the woman. To Thine Own self Be True.

    1. Amen...


    2. And you all know, she can talk about her fashion and all, but the BOTTOM LINE is "she really needs to lose weight".


  3. So many folks in our African American Churches are not healthy. Instead of having all these Pastor's Anniversary, Wife Birthday Celebrations, Conferences after Conferences. They needs to be having some. Healthy Lifestyles Classes. Obesity and Gluttony is a SIN. Folks are dying by the hundreds in the Churches. Stop eating all that junk food,pork. Stop eating all times of the night. You have to want to live. These pastor's and other leaders unfortunately don't really care about there parishioners health. As long as the folks worship the pastor and him family that's all that count. IJS

    1. can't say about pastors having these conferences and all. You didn't need a conference to keep your weight down, did you?

      All pastors have to do, is teach the word, speak against the sin of gluttony, and teach the fruit of self control. A lot of times counseling is needed in these cases. If counseling is needed, the Lord has blessed MANY with the gift of counseling. He also has blessed many in the church with the gift of wisdom.

      If the issue is medical, then perhaps a medical professional should be consulted.

      Obesity is not just an issue with "African Ametican" church goers. No need to jump all over pastors in this regards.



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